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10 times More Lethal than the Seasonal Flu
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03-11-2020, 01:16 PM
Hello Everyone,

One of the best insights I ever learned from my discussions with Dr. Lawrence Morehouse as relates to whatever you may read about health, exercise, medicine or for that matter...anything a simple question that you need to ask yourself before believing what you read.

Morehouse said, "Whenever you read anything the automatic question to ask yourself is: "Based on What?"

Remember that anytime you read something that I write or pass along to you.

Now, as relates to COVID-19 there is an article that I just received from someone that is very alarmed about how lethal COVID-19 (Coronavirus) really is. The headline reads that it is 10 X more lethal than the common seasonal flu. Current estimates state that it has a 3% mortality rate attached to it which means that if 100 Million people worldwide were to get it that 3-million of them would be likely to die. This article states that ultimately it will probably be somewhere around 1% which makes it 10 Xs more lethal than seasonal flu.

Before jumping to any alarming and false conclusions I recommend that YOU read this article and not allow the fear-mongering of the media to frighten you. It actually does a good job of answering the 'Based on What?' question:

---John Peterson

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