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Your Waistline Is Your Dateline...
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05-12-2020, 12:17 PM
Hello Everyone,

I've been asked about the premise of "Living Strength Power Secrets From the Fountain of Youth"

It all comes down to one thing. If you want a functionally strong, pain-free body and a sculpted physique that appears decades younger than your chronological age then you MUST focus on achieving a lithe, lean, and sculpted waistline. In Living Strength, I teach you everything you could possibly want to know including how to eradicate excess estrogen and especially the AROMATASE ENZYME that causes your body to convert your testosterone into estrogen. I teach you how to naturally elevate testosterone, Isometrics to strengthen and sculpt every muscle from head to toe and ALL the Iso-Dynamic exercises you need to remain Lithe, Lean & Sculpted for Life.

Make no mistake about it, your waistline, and how it looks is the first real sign that telegraphs to the world the shape YOU ARE IN or ARE NOT IN and your level of youthfulness. Believe me, anyone can see just by the way you hold yourself and the posture with which YOU carry yourself.

It would be impossible to follow my Master Ab Sculpting System and not appear decades younger.

---John Peterson
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