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The Charles Atlas Program
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06-05-2019, 07:38 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have received an e-mail from a man that has purchased a copy of every book that I have written and he states: "Mr.Peterson, My Grandfather who is 73 years old was looking through the books you have written and says, "This is just like the Charles Atlas Course that I took when I was in high school and getting in shape for joining The Marines. I wish I would have stayed with it because I was in the best shape of my life back then." I told him that if he read your books he would immediately see that every bit of what you write was inspired by the Charles Atlas Exercise System that you followed since you were very young. I am curious to know what differences if any, there really are between Atlas's Method and the methods you teach."

My response: Grant, first off, Thank You. I appreciate the kind words and you are spot on about the impact Charles Atlas's methods had on me as I was going through adolescence and into young manhood. My Grandfather and uncles had all been Charles Atlas aficionados and my grandfather practiced it daily right up to his death at age 97 in 1990. As far as differences? Well, Atlas featured 95 exercises in total and you will find every one of them in PYTP plus some additional exercises. Philosophically speaking there is no difference at all. What your Grandfather said about wishing that he had stayed with it is a comment that I have heard many, many times over the years. As a general rule, most men get to the point that they realize that there is something really wonderful about not having to rely on anyone or anything to be in great shape 24/7 for their entire lives and that is what you have with the methods that we teach.

---John Peterson
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