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Lots of shoulder pain lately
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06-04-2019, 09:32 AM
Hi All (especially John as I know you've suffered with bad shoulders in the past).

Years ago as some of you may remember I injured my right shoulder (had to take a few years off any training, surfing etc). Took 4 years to get it back to the strangth I had.

I occasionally hurt/strain it and it sometimes hurts a little on cold days, but it's good in general.

Lately though I have had trouble with BOTH shoulders.

I find that after a Kenpo (karate) session I am often in pain (possibly due to the jerky movements involved?). The past few weeks/month though they have ached a lot. A dull pain from inside the shoulder joint.

My chiropractor has said it's likely due to my job (I sit at a desk on a computer all day), plus I have dogs that pull a lot, and two kids who I hold a lot.

I was wondering what I can do to help this? I have started doing daily miracle seven exercises (just 1 x 10 reps at light to medium intensity) but was thinking that perhaps Hindu Pushups may help? I also remember John talking about his friend who healed his shoulders (after years of weight lifting abuse) by doing 2 sessions a week of high volume pushups, feet elevated, but only partial reps (think this is in your pushup book john? will have to look tonight). possibly even some isometrics daily too?

Any advice/help would be appreciated

- Kenpopaul
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