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Increasing the Effectiveness of Tiger Moves
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11-12-2019, 03:38 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'll admit that I am almost fanatical about my daily 'Tiger Moves' along with my daily Isometrics.

I mention this because I received an e-mail from a man saying that he can't feel his muscles contracting when doing 'Tiger Moves' or for that matter with that type of Iso-Dynamic Muscle Control exercise.

My response is that I find it almost hard to believe that a man can't feel his muscles contracting while doing Tiger Moves because in my case it would be impossible not to feel them contracting.

With the above in mind let me suggest something that I know with 100% certainty will enhance one's muscle awareness and that is to do your 'Tiger Moves' while wearing a 30 to 50-pound weight vest (keep it snug but not tight). By doing so you will literally FEEL your Pectorals and Latissimus Dorsi muscles contracting against the weight vest. Give it a try and you will know what I mean.

As far as being unable to feel one's muscles contracting while doing Tiger Moves or Iso-Dynamic Tension exercises of that type all I can say is that maybe this man should be doing something else because I find this type of exercise to go hand in hand with Isometrics and to be the ultimate in muscle control exercise.

---John Peterson
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