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How Many Reps Depends on Intensity
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11-12-2019, 04:21 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have been asked about my recommendations for reps and sets relating to Tiger Moves.

I stated in the book 'Miracle Seven' that when performing very heavy (intense) contractions that one should perform sets of 3 to 5 reps and just 2 sets of each of the Seven Exercises.

Once again let me state that these are guidelines that are not carved in stone and that every person can make whatever adjustments they like once they have become familiar with the method.

Now, with the above stated let me say tell you why I recommend only 3 to 5 reps at 'Ultra Intensity'.

John McSweeney told me that there were a few young men he knew that were using Tiger Moves to achieve maximum strength and muscular development (McSweeney said they were achieving fantastic muscularity as a result) and they were contracting with such a high level of intensity that they were developing head-aches and nosebleeds while performing sets of 8 to 10 reps. I personally believe that at Ultra-High Intensity one's Time Under Tension could easily be overtaxing the CNS and elevating blood pressure through the roof .

When John told me about the headaches I said, "Sounds like they were holding their breath and sending their blood pressure through the roof." John thought about it and said that was probably true but he wasn't sure about anything other than that they had developed head-aches and bloody noses. With the forgoing stated, I told him about Coach James Baley's Isometric breathing protocol of exhalation while making an f-f-f-f-f or s-s-s-s-s sound that sounds exactly like air being released from a tire during. You do this during the most intense portion of the contraction. Baley himself had told me that headaches, bloody noses, and spikes in blood pressure were the reason he developed the ISO-Breathing protocol. And by the way, he also said there were a number of instructors that told their students to hold their breath during the contraction phase.

---John Peterson
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