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The Most important Book on Exercise
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05-13-2019, 12:49 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have read and reread the most important book I have ever read on Physical Culture. The title of the book is 'Exercise Without Exercises' by S. Arthur Devan.

The book is the result of the author's close friendship with Alan Calvert. Calvert was the man responsible for establishing weight lifting in America. Calvert himself was transformed by the teachings of Edwin Checkley, whom he had sought out. At the same time that he developed his friendship with Checkley, he became totally disillusioned by the fraud and deceit that he saw in the vast majority of 'stage strong men' that relied on tricks instead of strength. Calvert then felt a certain level of guilt when he discovered that the vast majority of so-called 'strong men' were complete frauds. He then tried to undo the harm he thought he had caused in establishing weight lifting in America.

He told Devan about receiving letter after letter from men that had been severely injured as the result of following his (Calvert's) advice. Most of the injuries were hernias and joint injuries. BUT then he was personally transformed after meeting Checkley and learning true Physical Culture that was founded on observing Key Physical Habits. Believe me, it is an interesting premise that there are certain Key Habits of Posture, Breathing, Sitting, Walking, and Moving that was taught by Checkley that will transform a man into a 'Natural Strong Man' if the habits are established and performed on an automatic, habitual basis each and every day throughout one's life. In fact, the real substance of the book is Checkley's habits that are outlined in fantastic detail in this book that are far beyond Checkley's generalized instructions. This book is pure gold and well worth reading. it presents the answers that everyone has searched for but few have ever found and they are presented with logic and common sense.

---John Peterson

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