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How Time Do I Spend on Isometrics?
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11-18-2019, 02:05 PM
Hello Friends,

I have been asked straight up how much time I spend on Isometric Contraction each day and the answer is about 30 minutes total.

It goes like this. I spend about 10 minutes daily in my Power Belt Isometrics ( I actually checked it this morning) that I have developed the ability to contract at a maximum intensity that I can easily feel. The thing with isometrics is that as you master the method you develop the extraordinary ability to activate a maximum number of muscle fibers firing at the same time. This is why you become so much more functionally strong while burning off subcutaneous body fat and achieving levels of muscular definition you have never seen before. The good news is that as you eliminate unwanted subcutaneous body fat you are also eliminating the deadly visceral fat around your internal organs. I was told this by a friend that is a doctor at the Mayo Clinic and he says that although it is very costly to have CT or MRI scans done to determine your level of visceral fat that all that really needs to be done is to determine your percentage of body fat and realize that your visceral fat will be about 10% surrounding your organs.

In addition to my Power Belt Isometrics, I spend about 20 minutes performing The Isometric Power Flexes featured in IPR each day. These Iso-Dynamic Muscle Control exercises can be used to sculpt every muscle in the body from neck to toes far better than any other form of exercise that I am aware of.

The only other thing I do is to incorporate a weight vest on my dynamic exercises which are a fraction of the reps I once did. And I do mean a fraction.

Bottom line: I spend much less time getting far better results.

---John Peterson
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