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Leg Routines: ISO Power Belt
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10-02-2019, 01:15 PM
For those of you who have an ISO Power Belt, original version or newest version, I welcome your input here. I'm using the newest version and have a pretty good upper body routine. In fact, I've split my upper body routine into two parts. I alternate, doing Part A one day and Part B the next day. But, I do not have a good leg/lower body routine worked out. The original ISO Power Belt manual has a Legs and Feet section. Partly due to a lack of illustrations in that section, I've never been able to use that section of that manual effectively. I know the Total Body Contraction is an effective lower body exercise, but I wonder if any of you have developed a leg/lower body routine. I'm sure this will be addressed in the upcoming manual, but until then let's share what is working for us!!

Currently, I really do not have a leg routine, other than the Full Body ISO Contraction. So, what is your leg/lower body routine?

PS - it is painfully tedious for me to reply to posts, so I will likely not do that much. But, I will attempt to read your replies at least once every other day. Thanks for any input!
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10-02-2019, 05:46 PM
Hello, No Bite,

That was a problem in Coach Baley's original course and that I have addressed in the new course. The fact is that with the new power belt exercises the ENTIRE BODY's musculature will be contracting Isometrically in either stabilizing, pressing or pulling. As you will soon see the Kiveloff Full Body Isometric Contraction is very much a part of each and every exercise. At present my Isometric Workouts are 15 to 20 minutes tops and that includes the rest periods.

BUT the beauty of the method is how complete it is as relates to the entire body and how the body's strength is developed in direct relationship to itself.

---John Peterson
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