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Just Do It - Part II
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12-21-2009, 08:30 PM
I have no qulams about borrowing techniques and training practices from weight training - as long as it doesn't involve weights and machines! So in the spirit of "Just Do It," I am hijacking one of Dr. Ken Leinster's best training stories. This was in response to a question I had gotten about discovering what works best for the individual.

Let's go to the World of Weight training. Decades ago a young Dr. Ken Leinster and his pal took a pilgrimage to York Barbell. Champion weightlifter Norb Schemanski, who for quite a few years traded medals with the Russians in Olympic Weightlifting, was at the York gym that day.

Norb was plenty blunt, but this didn't stop the enthusiasm of youth. Dr. Ken and his buddy were all over him about how to increase the weight they squatted. Norb looked at them and said, "Put more weight on the bar and squat more."

Dr. Ken looked at him a little nonplussed. "More weight on the bar?"

"Yeah," replied Schemanski, put more weight and the bar and squat it."

As Norb was fixing to return to his workout, Dr. Ken asked, "And the press?"

To which Norb replied, "What about the press?'

This story makes a good point. Just do it. Do more, do it harder, finish it in a quicker time. Keep a log of your training, record the minor changes you make day by day, and you will determine what works best for you.

There are a lot of different exercises I do throughout the year. There are more productive exercises out there than I have time in the day to do. So I go through cycles. Sometimes I will concentrate on one thing and then sometimes another. I have a core I build my workouts around - a pushup variation - Atlas sit-ups and either sprinting or deep knee bends. I do other exercises, but these are the minors. The other three are the majors.
The point of retelling this story has to do with focusing on the majors. Do more, do with less rest time, and do stricter form. Zero in on a few things. Don't try to do everything. You'll drive yourself crazy by worrying about the hows and the why's. Just do it!

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12-22-2009, 09:35 PM
Greg, excellent post, good story. Thanks for sharing.
I know several people who can become paralyzed due to over-analyz-a-tion. Can't move forward without all of the facts. All of the facts. Minute details, can't risk making a mistake.
I know of someone who planned for years to become a vegan. Years spent researching, gathering recipes, talking to folks at health food stores. They were and are convinced that the Vegan lifestyle is the way to Super Health.
10 years later, they are still in the research phase, enjoying steak and munching cookies. But they know alot about vegan cooking and how superior it is to everything else.
To which I say=

At the risk of getting spiritual on y'all, this is a great way to illustrate the difference between belief and faith.
You can believe something all day long.
But when you put that belief into action, actually DO something, really put yourself out there, then you can say you have faith.

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