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The Complete Iso-Dynamic Training System
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06-20-2019, 04:22 PM
Hello Everyone,

Yesterday I mentioned that in addition to the Living Strength Isometric Power Belt Training System that I am also releasing a new course that shows you how to incorporate 'Dynamic' exercises into your training system to create an extraordinary level of strength, fitness and physique.

This generated a few questions that I will answer here.

Q #1) Can You or Can't You develop a great looking physique with Isometrics alone?

Answer: Yes! You certainly can. But if you want to increase the functional application of the strength in the new muscles that you develop you will need to do some exercises that coordinate your muscles to work together. It does not mean you have to do long laborious workouts. To the contrary, long laborious workouts waste energy and increase the recovery time required between workouts and that is something we are intentionally avoiding.

Q #2) How is the new 'dynamic' Exercise system different than what you presented in 'Pushing Yourself to Power' of 'M7'?

Answer: More than anything I have learned how to train with 'High Intensity' as opposed to High Volume. As a result, I am offering very specific guidelines complete with the number of sets and repetitions required to achieve maximum benefit in minimum time. It has been pointed out to me for many years that a great many people were frustrated by the lack of set & repetition guidelines as given in PYTP. This information that I have learned over the past few years is the kind of specific information I wish I would have been able to have when I was very young and learning the secrets of Physical Culture but it simply was not available back then. The GOOD NEWS is that was THEN and this is NOW.

Q#3) How long will a total Iso-Dynamic Workout take?

Answer: It will vary but I'm taking a page out of Olympian Henry Wittenberg's Book and incorporating a warm-up and an intense Isotonic Session. The Total Workout time for the three segments: Warm-Up/Isometric/Isotonic combined is 20 minutes or less.

---John Peterson
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