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Questions ABout Big jim Forystek
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06-25-2019, 07:16 PM
Hello Everyone,

I received an e-mail asking me several questions about Big Jim Forystek. I don't know the answer to any of the questions regarding Big Jim's current body weight.

BUT what I can say is that Big Jim Forystek had the largest and most massively muscular natural body of anyone that I had ever met. When I met Jim he was about 6'2" and weighed about 280 pounds. His chest was the most massive naturally developed that I had ever seen and I would not have been surprised if it measured close to 60". Jim was gifted with a heavy bone structure that allowed him to carry massive amounts of muscle. As relates to the question of how much he could lift I don't have a clue. To answer the question about whether or not Jim developed his massive physique using only the exercises from his Flexercise Course which I personally renamed 'Power Flex' the answer is YES!!! Absolutely he did. When Jim was a young athlete 19 years old Jerry Falwell, the Chancellor of Liberty University, offered him an all expenses paid Football Scholarship to Liberty based solely on his massive musculature. Believe me, it did not take a trained eye to recognize Jim's massive musculature and obvious athleticism. As to what Jim is doing today the answer is that as far as I know, he is pastoring a church in or near Green Bay, Wisconsin. I regard Big Jim as one of the true men of God.

---John Peterson

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