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The Rate of Injury Is Off The Charts...
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06-27-2019, 07:46 PM
Hello Everyone,

I had a close friend that is a Chiropractor stop by for a long visit and he was wondering how soon the Isometric Power Belt Course would be ready for sale. I told him about the final refinements including the reflow of text. I assured him that I am getting it completed as quickly as possible. Like everyone else he is say the least.

We then got into a long discussion about the number of people he sees weekly that are visiting him because of injuries sustained as the result heavy exercise. The majority by about a 60/40 ratio happen to be women. He jokingly told me that he should be paying Crossfit a finders fee for sending him so much new business. As we discussed the dramatic increase in injuries he stated that he sees no end in sight and that there are a great many people that visit him weekly or even twice weekly that consider his appointments as a part of the price one pays to be strong and fit. He told me that joint injuries are so prevalent that some of his patients seem to view them as a badge of honor.

The more we discussed it the more aware I became that injury prevention is the least considered part of the equation. So much so ,that he told me he has warned many of his patients that they will be candidates for joint replacement if they continue to train in the fashion they are now training. In fact, he has even recommended orthopedic surgery to several people during the last three years and that is something he would never have considered even five years ago.

We then discussed Isometrics and he told me that he seriously doubts Isometric Training will ever catch on until the coaches start seeing a need for it in their strength training systems. He said to me, "John, I've read everything you have written and I agree with you BUT what you're teaching isn't seen as dramatic enough. People think they have to injure themselves in order to be fit and until you can change that mindset people will continue to be injured BUT who knows once it's out there and people can see fantstic results without pain it might really take off.

My response...I'm pushing for a return to TRUE PHYSICAL CULTURE in which people understand that Strength and Fitness should always PROTECT FROM and NEVER BE THE CAUSE OF INJURY.

---John Peterson
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