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Contacted By MMA Fighter
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10-07-2019, 03:30 PM
Hello Everyone,

On Saturday I met with a 28-year-old young man that had trained at a Mixed Martial Arts Training Camp in Iowa and who appears to be in fantastic shape. Unfortunately, looks can be very deceiving and he told me that he had injured himself quite severely in training and is still on the long road to complete recovery more than a year and a half later. His question was whether or not Isometrics could help. As we discussed his injuries he told me that he and many of his friends had been injured in much the same way. In his case, he tore oblique and core muscles and simultaneously hurt his back.

As I listened it became very obvious to me that the big issue was not the intensity of the training exercises alone (although he should have been handling a fraction of the weight he said he was using in Sandbag Training which was 60 lbs) that was responsible for his injury but much more the lack of recovery time when training at that level of intensity.

The more I listened to him the more I thought about my conversations with John McSweeney (and how brilliant the man really was) and why he believed that his Tiger Moves training exercises were vastly superior to other methods for the purpose of maintaining highly functional training strength. The primary reason being that the intensity of the Tiger Tension Training exercises could be adjusted instantly from Ultra intense to ultra-light while doing the same exercises each day. I KNOW that John was 100% correct in his assertions. John himself was his own best advertisement for the effectiveness of Tiger Moves. In fact, he developed them specifically for the purpose of preventing injury while enhancing strength and flexibility which is exactly what they accomplished.

Here is the point, it really is best to train every day BUT you need to follow ultra-intense days with very easy days in which the primary objective is to flood the muscles with highly oxygenated blood and to deliver healing nutrients to the bodies tissues. It does not matter who you are, there is only so much healing energy that your body has each and every day and the truth is that every individual has a need to discover that prescribed level for himself. Personally, I do not think that one's strength and fitness training should ever be a competition but there are those whose sole ambition is to dominate in mixed martial arts or whatever else they are trying to do and I can certainly understand their desire to achieve superhuman strength and fitness. One way that Tiger Moves are vastly superior to weight training exercises is that they can be performed at maximum muscular intensity without ever putting the spine under compression and thereby limit delivery of NERVE FORCE or healing nutrients.

AND YES!!! YOU are ALL welcome to your own opinions.

---John Peterson
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