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High Volume--Redefined
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08-09-2019, 01:07 PM
Hello Everyone,

As most of you know that have been with me for the last 16 years, I spent many years at what could be termed only as "high volume training" and my results had always been excellent just as they have been for many of you. One of the major benefits of high volume training if correctly applied is the fact that you are infusing the muscle tissue with highly oxygenated blood and you also remove the dead, worn-out cellular tissue at a greatly accelerated pace. BUT beyond a certain point, you aren't really gaining as much benefit as other methods might deliver.

For example, there were many years when I would perform a set of 520 Atlas I Push-Ups in just under 20 minutes each morning and often repeated it at 9 pm (there were a few times that I did a single set of more than 1,000 in 43 minutes and change). At the time I had developed a level of unreal muscular endurance and I was very proud of myself because there was no one I knew that could even do a set of 100 consecutive Atlas I Push-Ups let alone 520. I told this fact to coach James Baley who was totally nonplussed and asked, "Why would you want to do that?" He then told me that I needed Power Belt isometrics to balance out my strength." I believed him and asked him what else he would recommend and he told to start doing the Push-Ups while wearing a weight vest and back then the heaviest I could find was about 20 pounds. That was back in 1990 almost 30 years ago. In 2019, I perform at least 100 push-ups each day but with few exceptions, I am doing so with a 52-pound weight vest and my sets range from 15 to 21 reps. Simply put, I still believe in volume to a point but my results are better and I only spend a fraction of the time that I once spent. This is what I mean by 'High Volume--Redefined'. It's a fraction of what I once did but yet there is both a level of intensity and volume that give the results that I have always wanted by removing the dead worn-out cellular tissue while also being a challenge on the strength end of the scale.

One thing I know for certain is that isometric contraction properly applied will do wonders for stimulating maximum hormone (testaosterone & HGH) production and the workouts are very short when compared to standard forms of exercise.

---John Peterson
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