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KNOW YOUR Testosterone At Ideal Levels
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08-09-2019, 02:18 PM
Hello My Friends,

I was talking with a good friend that is a medical doctor. He made the statement, 'It's too bad that there isn't an easy way or a simple test for a man to know that his testosterone is at an ideal level. "

I thought about it and responded, "Joel, there is one infallible method that any man could follow that would tell him at any given moment how he is doing." He was surprised. "Really? What is it?" He asked.

I responded "All any man has to do is to look at his waistline. Think about it. I even had you tell me how much weight you lost and how much harder you became as the result of following my nutrition and Isometric Training Method. So let me ask you. What was your frame of reference for knowing the weight you lost? and where was it that you lost the most weight? " He immediately responded, "You're right, I lost inches from my waistline and that would not happen if I hadn't sharply increased my testosterone levels."

Here is the bottom line my friends (TO ALL OF YOU) as I release the new Living Strength Courses 'Power Secrets from the Fountain of Youth" TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY and you will again have the lithe, lean, sculpted waistline of youth and that my friends will be living proof that you have jacked your testosterone and HGH to ideal levels.

It's literally the living proof of the TRANSFORMETRICS transformation in action.

---John Peterson
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