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Spinal Erectors & Iso Power Belt
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12-06-2018, 05:12 PM
Hey Everyone,

I have been asked about the efficiency of strengthening the Spinal Erector Muscles with the Living Strength Isometric Power Belt and what exercises are best.

Anatomy 101: Most of the muscles in the lower back extend (straighten) the spine. Collectively, these muscles are referred to as the Spinal Erectors. The spinal erectors work in conjunction with the abdominal muscles to keep your spine upright, much like guy wires on opposite sides of a tent pole.

Since the muscle fibers of the spinal erectors all run in the same direction, those muscles only pull in one line. Virtually ALL of the exercises in the Living Strength Isometric Power Belt Training System call on the spinal erectors to stabilize the body--to hold it in a particular position so that the exercise can take place. For example, both the spinal erectors and the abdominals are called into play during all of the pressing and curling movements as stabilizers. Together these two muscle groups keep your back rigid so that you can perform the exercises.

BUT you won't believe the levels of contraction you can achieve in squats and dead lifts with the Power Belt. This is because once you truly learn how to contract your muscles to the maximum you will be able to push yourself all the way to the edge without worry of what would happen if you got stuck while using extremely heavy weight to perform the same exercises.

Granted, at the advanced levels you will achieve with ALL of the exercises the spinal erectors get a good workout just meeting the demands of the other exercises. However, this muscle group is so important in promoting general health as well as preventing spinal injuries that I think it's a good idea to include the targeted spinal erector work of the dead lift and squat as happens when performing our 6 day daily routine of: Day #1) Upper body Day#2) Lower Body Day #3 Full Body #4)Upper Body #5) Lower Body #6) Full Body Day #7) Rest

---John Peterson

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