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Full Body Strength for Better Running
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11-27-2017, 12:56 PM
Okay so on Thanksgiving morn I ran a 5K on 20 mpw and doing my daily bodyweight, Dynamic Tension and Iso Belt, using 4 exercises and 3 positions, 5,6,7 sec holds, 6 days a week.
It has been over a year since I have raced or even wanted to.
I ran 20:06 which is 6:30 per mile pace at 59 years old. I felt incredible, I was so strong and passed so many through out the run. My wife who is very honest told me I looked so strong compared to the other competitors.

I really enjoyed myself and had fun.

I am leaner and more muscular. I have been told I look younger and my wife tells me physique wise I look like the statue David but more defined. Now I beg to differ but the workouts energize me and have made me very strong. Been doing this stuff over many years and the iso belt has really helped my strength. Been doing these workouts now for many years and the iso belt is the icing on the cake and I can see me doing more and more Isometrics in years to come.

Just my two cents

"The really great man, is the man who makes every man feel great"
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