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A little editting please!
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12-14-2009, 08:30 AM
Hey Greg... I don't mean to pile on along with Tom, but the double space after the period thing is antiquated. I still us it both on here and in documents, but anywhere on the web it doesn't even show up. Take a look at your posts, and you'll see that there is actually only one space, whenever you submit a post, the HTML engine will take out the extra space after the period. As a matter of fact, you can put in 50 spaces and it'll take them all out.

The reason it's not longer applicable is because computer fonts aren't all a uniformed size. When you had a typewriter all the letters were the same size because of the mechanics involved, so the double space made it more readable. However, with computer fonts a "t" and an "m" are different sizes, so the extra space isn't necessary to improve readability.

I still do the double space thing and probably always will until the day I die. My fingers can't unlearn once they've already been programmed. Here's a little article I found on it:

This is a great thread, I believe I'll move it to the Important Articles forum once everyone's put the feedback in.

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