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Slim for Life - everyone should read this book
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10-22-2009, 05:21 AM
I recently read the best book on diet that I have ever encountered. I cannot praise this book enough. It does for diet what PYTP did for body weight, calisthenic, and tension exercises. Jason Vale is to diet what John is to exercise and Alen Carr is to stopping smoking.

The book is by a guy called Jason Vale AKA The Juice Master.

There is little if any new material in the book, and the author is quite clear about that. What he has succeeded in doing is collating all the existing information and presenting it in an incredibly readable and powerful way. He borrows heavily from the style of Alen Carr, almost to the extent of homage (he confesses to being an ex-smoker) and even includes the famous blank chapters!

The narrative is a scathing, ranting diatribe against BIG FOOD. It covers things like BIG MEAT, BIG DAIRY, BIG SUGAR, AND BIG DRINK. He attacks Dr Gillian McKeith PHD "we could all see the guy was overweight without examining his stool", and even has a go at health food labelling "go on the no-label diet, if a food has a label then there's something wrong with it".

His philosophy borrows heavily from Paul Bragg, and he tips a nod to Bragg although not by name, probably due to Braggs slightly tarnished rep. There's also some heavily fruitarian concepts raised regarding the diet of primates BUT the author strongly recommends a varied diet including some meat and even the odd bit of dairy, albeit goat dairy "cows milk was intended for an animal with 4 stomachs".

As an alcoholic I found the chapter on booze exceptionally powerful.

Jack Lalanne gets a mention, and the juicing side obviously has it's roots there or there abouts. The author recommends an organic whole food diet with no refined sugar, avoidance of wheat, avoidance of red meat and cow dairy, and everything washed down by freshly made vegetable juice (using a carrot, apple, celery, and cucumber base).

I tried the detox programmed and in all honesty it might well have saved my life. Ive been suffering from IBS for many years and recently it got well out of control. During the first week of detox I crapped out about 5lbs of compacted faecal matter (sorry ladies).

All in all a surprising and powerful book that I cannot recommend enough. Get hold of a copy. I have provided links to Amazon.

Amazon US

Amazon UK
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10-22-2009, 08:44 AM
Needless to say, juicin' is controversial
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