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How Do I Measure It? An Honest Answer.
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10-08-2018, 12:48 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have received an e-mail from a guy that should probably pass on Isometric Contraction and the reason I am making that assertion here is because there may be others that will fall into the same category.

Simply put, he wants me to tell him how to measure the intensity of his own contractions and the answer is that it is impossible to explain to another man how it feels. Isometrics are self regulating and they teach the muscle fibers to contract in unison with great power but it is an acquired skill.

It's like explaining to someone how to ride a bicycle for the first time. The way you ride a bike is by doing it. It can be a little rough at first but you gradually get the hang of it and you become more and more adept at it as you practice. Before long it dawns on you that it has become second nature. Same applies to Isometric Contraction. The individual alone knows how hard he is contracting and it becomes progressively more obvious and intense as he develops the ability to contract his or her muscles.

In fact, as you begin daily practice you will develop the ability to contract muscles you may have never previously contracted. At that point the only real drawback to Isometric Contraction exercises is that all other forms of exercise seem almost pointless by comparison. That has been a very real problem for ME personally, but I remind myself that the other exercises serve the function of infusing the muscles with highly oxygenated blood and putting my joints through a full range of motion. Both Isometric and Dynamic Exercises are necessary BUT if you do your Isometric Exercises correctly, you will need only a fraction of the Dynamic exercises you once practiced.

---John Peterson

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