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Measurements Being Done For The Wedding & Update with BJJ
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12-05-2018, 01:38 AM
It's been a hell of a journey but I'm getting married. Next year on May 4th, I'll be tying the knot with the most awesome girl on the planet. It'll be a Star Wars type themed wedding and our officiator will be dressed up as Obiwan Kenobi. It'll be a epic turn out having family, some of the strongest men in the world and a famous concert musician from Vegas could be in attendance. For the fun of making it even more special for my Fiance, I'll be dressed up as Han Solo.

With measurements being done for this outfit (which I had to get individual pieces of since it is more expensive as a whole) It'll be interesting to find out if this thing will fit me. Getting it tailored wouldn't be an issue but it is a back up to make the measurements work. Here are my current measurements and some extra for recent....

18 inch neck

47 1/2 inch chest

41 inch waist

Approx. 30 inch thighs

25 inch arm length

17 inch arms

14 inch forearms

22-23 inches shoulder to shoulder

5'10, 250 lbs.

Measurements could shrink or grow before the wedding but I'm doing my best to keep those measurements since this outfit wasn't cheap but cheaper than a tux. I can't stand being in a tux and I heat up easily so i'd rather possibly ruin something I own than a rental.

A couple of you guys know in better detail that I'm in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have made progress in surviving without getting tapped out and have been rolling with guys nearly half my age and have sparred with a UFC Fighter. It's really helping my conditioning and my breathing is getting a little better each time. These are tough kids. The oldest person I have gone toe to toe with is 10 years older and 30 pounds less than me. What does this have to do with my measurements? Well if I keep up BJJ, it could make me lose a bit more weight and shrink my bodyfat. It is fun and I really enjoy it. Had little injuries but not to the point of severity and I heal pretty well. Thought I'd share these little tidbits.

We have also booked our Honeymoon going to Disneyland. Yes, me and my girl are complete Star Wars, Disney, Superhero nerds and we're damn proud of it. It's all about making things worth while and being around amazing people. This wedding couldn't be anymore amazing to prepare for.
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