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Pushup progress and true story
lordofthesithuk lordofthesithuk is offline
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06-22-2013, 09:52 AM
Hi all,
hope you find this interesting. I have been on the new push up program for three weeks now. In the past I have worked my way up too a LOT of push ups, but in pretty poor form, and developed a back/neck injury as a result of jerky poor form.

In recent months I have been doing iso's and focused muscular tension exercises. So when I started the new program, I have been using a super strict, slow, non jerky style....this meant I got only 15 reps on the first test, pausing at the bottom of each rep. That was three weeks ago, this morning, in excellent style I managed 30 reps on my test, the only style difference being the head adjustment talked about in the book. Thus in three weeks I am 100% stronger.

When this week is over, I intend on repeating the first program again. I expect, that at the end of the second month of program one, I will be up to 40 reps or more in perfect, ultra strict form. Then I intend on starting program two (the twice a day version), starting with at least 40 reps, as in the book, I hope to come out of that month capable of at least 50 reps, in the form I am using now. At this rate I will be in great shape by the end of the summer!

I can also say I am not as tired as I expected, in fact, I am loving the program.

Anyway, many years ago I trained with weights at a gym with a lad I worked with, and went to school with as a little boy. Both of us were in good shape at the time. Life moved on, I had a family, and went too college. As time went by I had heard that, like my wife, he had developed MS. I met him the other day and was saddened to see he is now in an electric wheelchair.

We met today for coffee and a chat, just to catch up, and he asked me if I was training these days, so I told him about the living strength methods, and about high volume push ups etc. I showed him pics on my phone of Woody Strode and Hershel Walker. As I knew of his history with weights, and the 'High Intensity' methods we followed, I expected him to dismiss these ideas, instead, he told me something really interesting.

You see, where we live in Swansea, is right by the sea. A few summers back, my friend had a mechanical, self propelled wheelchair. He told me that every day he would push himself in his chair anything between three to five miles a day along the footpath by the sea where many folks jog. He was amazed to find that, at the end of the summer, in terms of his upper body, chest, arms and shoulders, despite being in a chair and doing no other exercise, my pal was in fact in the best shape of his life!
I thought this was great evidence that high volume, moderate intensity exercise really works.

Next time we meet, I will lend him my copy of Isometric Power Revolution!
Hope people here find this interesting and inspiring.
Regards to all,
Tony from South Wales.
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Greg Newton Greg Newton is offline
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06-22-2013, 07:27 PM

Thank you for sharing that. It was a good story of triumph from your pushup success to your friends overcoming the adversity of being wheelchair bound. Tell him the next time you see him I said God Bless you.

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John Peterson John Peterson is offline
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06-22-2013, 09:15 PM
Hello lordofthesithuk,

You, my friend are to be congratulated. It's inspiring to read your story and the good news is that you have several programs in Ultimate Push-Ups to take your progress as far as you wish. I can't wait to read your next update.

Thanks for posting

---John E Peterson

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lordofthesithuk lordofthesithuk is offline
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06-23-2013, 08:21 AM
Thanks both for the positive replies!

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