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Swoboda's Physiological Exercise
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03-09-2019, 05:01 PM
Hello Everyone,

In so many ways Alois P Swoboda was way ahead of his time. For example, his description of what he referred to as "Physiological Exercise" or 'Swobodaism' was very progressive. In his own words, he literally states that he designed his exercises as a replacement for weight lifting and that he fully believed that his brand of physiological exercises would have all the benefits of weight lifting for developing one's strength and physique while improving one's health without any of the downside associated with it.

This is how Swoboda described Physiological Exercise or 'Swobodaism' in his own literature.

"When nineteen years of age, I was very weak and debilitated. The fact that my father died of consumption five years previous, and the warning of my friends that I would follow the same route, caused me to look toward exercise as a means of building up my health and strength. I began the study of anatomy for the location, functions, and relations of all the muscles. I studied physiology to find the physiological effect of exercise; why exercise caused development, and the effect of different modes of exercise. I soon found that the use of heavy weights was the speediest rout to development. But I also found that the use the weights checked the capillary circualtion, thereby increasing the pressure in the arteries, consequently placing an undue strain on the heart. Since, however, the use of weights caused a rapid development of the muscles and the willpower and at the same time overtaxed the heart, it occurred to me that if I could find a means by which the muscles could be offered the same resistance as by the use of weights (and still not use weights), that I could gain as much muscle, will power and vital force in as short a time, and not overtax the heart, which is unavoidable when weights are used.

"In studying anatomy I soon noticed that while all moveable parts of the body had muscles to move them one way, they also had muscles to move them back again. it then occurred to me that to use one muscle to offer resistance to another would cause the same development as the use of weights to offer resistance, but with alternate contractions and relaxations, would help the venous circulation and instead of obstructing the circulation in the capillaries, would help the blood in the course towards the heart, thereby resting the heart. Therefore, the alternate contractions and relaxations of one muscle under h influence of a stimulus (will power) to antagonize another is the principle of my system of physiological exercise. ALOIS P SWOBODA"

---John Peterson
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