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How do You Quantify Level of Exertion?
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03-14-2019, 06:13 PM
I have to disagree. The foot will not, cannot, respond without the command from the mind.
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03-14-2019, 06:25 PM
I completely agree.

Whether an action is automatic, as in pulling away from fire, or intentional, as in lifting an object, they both require the mind. If we had no mind, we'd have NO action.
Train a little, or train a lot, but TRAIN.

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03-15-2019, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by Andy62 View Post
I have to disagree. The foot will not, cannot, respond without the command from the mind.
I didn't say it would move without the mind.

This is what I said
hot --> foot --> nerves in foot --> message to the brain --> brain --.> message back to the foot --> move

You don't need to be conscious of this happening, it will happen without you thinking about it. That does not mean the brain isn't involved at some juncture, but the brain doesn't start the process in my example.
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03-15-2019, 01:03 PM
Hello Friends,

The distinction that needs to be made here s the difference between the (limited) Conscious Mind and the (unlimited)Supraconscious Mind that has recorded and cataloged every thought and experience in our entire lives. The Supraconscious mind can by-pass the conscious mind and take absolute control over the functions and conditions of the body. it is the Supraconscious mind that is responsible for what we regard as 'hysterical' strength. A perfect example of the Supraconscious mind at work and how it can lead to breakthroughs for the conscious mind is as follows as found in, 'The Magic Power of Your Mind" by Walter M. Germain.

[quote]The late Dr. Daniel Boone Herring, "Sage of the Dessert" told me the story of Swoboda. whom he first met in Omaha. Herring was at that time an inspector for Pinkerton Detective Agency and first noticed Swoboda, then fifteen years old, taking his fill at a free lunch counter in a saloon.

After seeing him eat the same way a second day, herring arranged to get the youngster--whom he discovered was dying of consumption --a menial job at the saloon. The boy explained that he had hopped trains from New York, his birthplace after his parents died of tuberculosis, determined to see the cow country. three months later, his strength improved through regular eating, young Swoboda hopped another freight and continued on his way.

It was five years later that Herring next saw Swoboda, this time in New York City. he was robust and well dressed and looked little like the person who five years earlier was dying of tuberculosis. Herring said the boy was as robust as a timber wolf and his muscle control was fantastic. he was able to control every muscle in his body, down to the smallest.

Swoboda explained that a bum who came into the Omaha saloon to "mooch" a lemon started him on the trail to physical perfection. the bum sucked the juice from the lemon, and as he did Swoboda realized that the sight of a man doing this made him drool at the mouth. He reasoned--correctly--that thinking can make all the organs of the body function perfectly. Swoboda thus discovered the magic power of the Supraconscious.

The boy went to Wyoming, got a ranch job there, and within the next few years built himself up to physical perfection. he had made the great discovery that the cell structure can be renewed through the power of suggestion by the Supraconscious"

Another extraordinary example is that of Galen Gough, who upon being declared a hopeless invalid discovered the following.

"One day in a blinding flash came the solution to my problems, I knew that henceforth my only hope lay within my mind, that there must be mind with matter, a complete coordination of mental and physical forces. Here only could victory be achieved. I unlocked pure willpower with nothing else, except, of course, the imagination which prompted it. I realized then that physical strength was not a matter of muscles and bones alone, it was much more of the mind."

My point: Gentlemen YOU are BOTH right but realize that the Supraconscious Mind that emanates from the spirit of man has abilities far beyond those that are known only to the conscious mind.

NOW here is where I go out on a limb...Isometrics unite and enhance both the conscious and supraconscious mind. I am living proof. I have kept post-polio Syndrome at bay for 40 years since I was diagnosed in 1979. It was then that i was told that I would likely be in a wheelchair by age 50, and they very kindly told me that they would put me on pain meds to handle the pain. I am not in a wheelchair and I don't take pain meds and won't. Most of you have no ideaa of the powers of the Supraconscious to intervene and heal the conscious.


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