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Results From Atlas Perpetual Routine
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09-27-2016, 04:26 PM
Hello Friends,

I have an e-mail from a man asking me what kind of results one could expect from performing the Atlas Perpetual Exercise Routine which was originally placed at Lesson #13.

The Original Perpetual Lesson featured 8 Exercises, each of which Atlas stated he performed 200 times each day.

When I was in my teens I did 1 circuit of 100 reps of each exercise (plus 2 others) each morning and each night for a total of 200 reps each. But I also did 300 additional Push-Ups each day at around 4: pm. Sometimes I added other exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups whenever I felt like it. But I always did the perpetual lesson along with Arm Circles and 8-count leg raises. It was and a good one. As relates to results? Fantastic!

1) Atlas 1 Push-up (Between two chairs and feet on the floor)

2) Full Range Sit-Up (Touching Forehead to Knees)

3) Full Range Leg Raise (touching toes to floor above head)

4) Atlas Balance Squats

5) Side Bends & Trunk Circles

6) Self Resistance Biceps & Triceps Exercise

7) Multi Plane Neck Movement

8) Calf Raises

---John Peterson

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