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Getting the Feeling of Iso-Dynamic Tension
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07-11-2018, 12:55 PM
Hello Everyone,

My nephew Duffer stopped by and brought with him a torsion spring device called a "Python Power Twister from Core Prodigy". It looked like a refined version of the same type of spring device that a friend of mine by the name of Dave Cody had purchased from Joe Weider's magazine when we were in 10th grade some 50 years ago during the summer of 1968. Though it looks nearly identical, the spring on this device is a great deal stronger than the Weider model. At any rate, Duffer asked me, "Uncle John, is that how Iso-Dynamic Tension exercises like John McSweeney's 'Tiger Moves' are supposed to feel?"

I watched him while he performed a very smooth set of 40 consecutive reps while gripping the handles at the ends. I then tried it out and did the exact same and said, "Duffer, that is exactly the feeling you're going after. The only real difference is that you are using 'internal' muscle resistance created through your mind/muscle connection rather than external resistance provided by a spring...but the feeling you're after is virtually identical." Very, seriously friends that is the closest thing I have ever felt to Iso-Dynamic Tension exercise.

Duffer than asked me if I could do it moving my hands to the edge of where the spring attaches to the handles, "Uncle John they say it has a hundred pounds of resistance when your hands are placed that closely together." I tried and completed 12 consecutive reps touching the handles together with each repetition and let me tell you that it was Incredibly intense.

So what is my point? Only this, if you don't know how internally generated muscle resistance feels, then try out a device like the "Python Power Twister" just so that you can get the feel of what Iso-Dynamic Exercise feels like. The secret is to create that kind of feel and intensity without using anything in your hands. And by the way, my nephew is 6'2 and 200 pounds of perfectly sculpted muscle and you should have seen him try match me with the hands close together. He literally made me laugh, "Uncle John, I can't believe it. I'm 4 inches taller, 50 pounds heavier, and 45 years younger and I can't even do that. What's your secret?" I couldn't resist teasing him,"My Secret is what I showed you last week. It's my Isometrics with my Power Belt...Now do you believe it?'

His only response was, "I do now."

---John Peterson
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07-11-2018, 02:23 PM
Iso Dynamic Tension is the most self empowering psychological / physical / emotional / control method that exists..
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