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We're Almost There! Hang Tight
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09-13-2018, 03:03 PM
Hello friends,

I am really gearing up to be marketing The Isometric Power Belts in just a few more weeks. I've got some new belts on order with 7,000 pound test material and just a few video clips to shoot that are critical to the success of using the Isometric Power Belt as I teach it. I also have an attorney working on protecting me so that I can't be ripped off without having recourse. I know that I have done a good job on the written and visual instruction but video clips are essential and will show how easy, adaptable and fast this all happens when making adjustments to the Isometric Power Belt. Trust me on this. The legal issue is a BIG deal for me--and it would be for you if you were in my shoes.

As relates to the video clips.

I basically have three positions that must be shown on video that will make the case for the superiority of the Isometric Bower Belts when compared to any apparatus ever developed for Isometric contraction. And it's all about speed and ease of adjustment.

Video One: Will show how to adjust the Power Belt from behind. You will discover that this affords the most complete and intense contractions of ALL Pressing Movements and will allow you to reach angles and a level of intensity that must be experienced to believe. The ease of angle change is literally seconds...less than 30 seconds to completely change angles. It cannot be over emphasized that the Isometric Power Belt allows you to go to 100% intensity on all pressing movements in complete safety.

Video Two: All movements in which you stand on the lower loops. Again it must be experienced. I have done a good job on the written description but the visual and the speed with which it can and will happen needs to be shown visually in real time.

Video Three: shows Pulling down from above. It could not be simpler but you still need to see how easily it all happens. It is also essential because the Larry Scott "Ring of Fire" abdominal sequence is all performed from that same exact position and it is just a slight change in positioning that teaches total muscle control of the abdominal region.

So here we are, I am getting to the final stages of everything including a new shipment of isometric Power Belts with an even better and stronger material ( This one locks like a chain) and a custom designed carrying bag that my wife has approved. We will also be releasing a version of the Isometric Power Belt for women that women like my wife's friend Stephanie, who is both a martial arts and pilates instructor, is pressuring to do with me because she believes it will revolutionize strength training for women just as it will for men.

Hang tight we're almost there.

---John Peterson
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09-13-2018, 06:21 PM
Sounds GREAT John.

I'm looking forward to seeing, and using, the finished product.
Train a little, or train a lot, but TRAIN.

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