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Why Is This So Hard To Understand?
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11-05-2018, 05:40 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have received an e-mail asking me yet again if power belt isometrics are more effective than all other types of Isometrics.

Please read what I am saying and don't assume that i am saying something that I am not.

Regardless of the Isometric contraction that one performs the result is related to intensity only. It does not matter what one is contracting against at any given angle. The only thing that truly matters is the intensity of the contraction itself. so with that being the criteria for results the answer is no, power belt Isometrics do not yield a better result UNLESS....They allow you to perform maximum intensity isometrics at angles you could not otherwise achieve.

Now as relates to Power Belt Isometrics as I teach in my Living Strength Power Belt and the way I teach it allows you to exercise at 100% intensity at every angle that would normally require an Isometric Power Rack. It also allows you to duplicate every barbell and dumb bell exercise angle as well as all weight machine exercises at any given angle so that you can contract at 100% intensity without fear of anything falling back on you. The reason the Living Strength Isometric Power Belt is so extraordinary is because it truly does replace every exercise device listed above and allows for a far greater number of angles than any other single piece of equipment. So in terms of possible angles nothing else that I know of comes close to it.

Bottom line: The key to Isometric Effectiveness is the level of intensity achieved.

----John Peterson
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