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MMA is Pro Wrestling for Real
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11-08-2018, 01:31 PM
Hello Everyone,

My father in-law is a fan of pro-wrestling. He watches it every Monday and Tuesday and I must say that I am impressed by the acrobatic moves so many of today's pro wrestlers are capable of doing. The fact that they can make it look as real as they do without severe injury is nothing short of miraculous.

Anyway, my father in-law had no idea of what I meant by 'fake' until he watched MMA and realized that today's MMA is really like watching pro-wrestling only for real without the theatrics.

Seriously friends, if the pro-wrestlers were doing what they do for reel their careers and lives would be extremely short and the truth is that at some point if there are not rules put in place, I think someone will probably die in one of the MMA contests.

---John Peterson
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11-08-2018, 04:46 PM
I am not a wrestling fan, but the thing that amazes me is the crowds that they are able to draw. Some are equal to the Super Bowl and those tickets aren't cheap.The promoters have really discovered something in human nature that is making them super rich..
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