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Who is still doing the M7 daily?
Upshur74 Upshur74 is offline
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11-08-2018, 04:45 PM
John and everybody else,

since the emphasize on this forum seems to shift more to isometrics (using the belt) I wonder if anyone of you still does the M7 regular or even on a daily basis. From time to time I neglect those wonderful exercises and I'm always surprised again how good they feel when I start to throw them into my (daily) workout mix again or focus on them exclusively for a while .
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11-08-2018, 07:10 PM
I find the M7 feel much better, more effective, after I've been doing isometrics with the iso power belt. It's as if I find isometrics woven into the M7.
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John Peterson John Peterson is offline
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11-08-2018, 07:44 PM
Hello Everyone,

Upshur74, You have not been paying attention.

I perform the expanded 12-exercise Iso-Dynamic Tiger Moves each day after performing Ultra Intense Isometric Contraction with my Power Belt. I do it to maintain a level of suppleness like you saw on the Facebook post with Sit to Stand test. It is wise and even necessary to put your muscles through the lengthening and intentional relaxation phases of Tiger Moves. By doing so you will maintain a lithe, lean, and supple look to your muscles that you won't have if all you do is Ultra Intense Contraction without the intentional muscle relaxation movements of Iso-Dynamic Tiger Moves.

---John Peterson
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