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Kratom to Break Opioid Addiction
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04-22-2019, 02:56 PM
Hello Everyone,

As stated on the Opioid Epidemic thread I have very little knowledge relating to the various opioids that are now fueling an epidemic in the USA and NO first-hand experience. Though the truth is that I certainly could have. I was given a prescription for medicine to handle the pain of PPS (post-Polio Syndrome) some 40 years ago. I literally told the doctor that prescribed it that I would not make myself dependant on drugs for pain control and I never have. He didn't believe me at the time.

Nonetheless, I have received quite a number of e-mails about it, so its obvious that it strikes a chord with a number of people. One thing that seems to be characteristic of deaths caused by opiate abuse is that the vast majority are accidental and not intentional.

Nonetheless, I have received an e-mail from a naturopath that says he has successfully used Kratom to wean some of his patients completely off of prescribed pain killers and he considers this to be a positive alternative to prescription drugs.

So what is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant native to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea, Kratom has become somewhat popular as an opioid (prescription pain killer) alternative here in the U.S. A. There are many different varieties of Kratom available and each has it's own unique properties and has a different effect as a result. So the key is to find the right variety that works best for whatever condition that you have. For example, a close friend of my wife Denise began using Red Borneo Kratom about a year and a half ago in place of prescription pain killers and in her case it has worked wonders and has saved her liver from toxicity.

Now, with the above stated let me recommend that you do your own homework. BUT ALSO realize that Kratom is banned in many countries and the pharmaceutical companies would like to shut down anything that is natural, effective, and safe so that they can offer prescription medication in place of it. In other words, I believe the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for a lot of the negative press relating to any natural plant alternatives. Granted, there are people that can and will abuse anything including Kratom but my own research tells me that for some people it may be highly beneficial and definitely better than taking prescription pain killers.

---John Peterson
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