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Physique: What Isometrics Can & Can't Do!
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05-14-2019, 01:36 PM
Hello Everyone,

I've already answered this question in part but now I have been asked if the Mike Dayton exercises as outlined in 'Chi Mind Control' can give all the benefits of an intensive bodybuilding program without having to rely on equipment.

Now before I answer that question let me be very clear to everyone reading this that I know that the guy asking the question thinks that he has a 'gotcha' question but he doesn't.

Here's the deal. If you were to read 'Chi mind Control' you would be reading about isometric Contractions in which you perform maximum 'Flexing' Contractions at any given muscle's most contracted angle. These exact same exercises have been used by bodybuilders for decades to showcase their muscles. They, in fact, are 'posing' exercises. These are the same kinds of exercises Arnold Schwarzenegger stated that he did in "Education of a Bodybuilder" in order to create maximum definition after many months of heavy weight training in order to build maximum mass. In other words, these exercises were used to create shape and definition for the actual contest after the mass had been achieved. So the question is, can these same 'posing' isometrics be used independently by themselves to build a great looking well balanced muscular physique and the answer to that question is YES!!! BUT if the question is whether or not they can be used to bring about 'massive size, shape & definition' without pumping to build mass the answer is NO!!!

Why? Because developing maximum size requires pumping blood into the muscles fibers and forcefully expanding them far beyond what can be achieved naturally. This is also why you can build maximum muscular density and strength using Isometrics without gaining an ounce in terms of 'size'. In fact, this is also true of 'Classic Isometrics' performed on a "Power Rack" or better yet with a power belt. Both Bill March and Louis Riecke gained an incredible amount of functional strength as applied to their Olympic Lifts and both shattered their personal bests yet neither man gained an ounce to put them out of the weight classes that they competed in. So the bottom line was that both men developed added strength that took them far beyond where they had previously been at the same exact size and weight. The reason they didn't gain added body weight even though they both took the steroid 'Dianabol' was that they weren't doing muscle pumping exercises. They trained five days a week using Isometrics and the workouts that never exceeded 30 minutes in total and if the actual time between exercises was subtracted from the equation they were only training for a few minutes each day. At the peak of their training, they were doing 5 days of ultra-intense Isometric contraction and just one standard weight lifting workout in which they attempted to break all previous records which they both had accomplished for several consecutive months before they maxed out at their peak strength.

So how does the above relate to isometrics for physique enhancement? Simple. Isometric 'Posing' exercises will sculpt a lean, hard, and aesthetically pleasing physique but they will not dramatically enhance muscle size in the way that pumping the muscles with heavy weights will. So you'll end up looking like a gymnast rather than a bodybuilder which generally speaking is considered far more aesthetically pleasing by the average person.

---John Peterson

P.S. In answer to the man's question about whether or not any man has won a major physiqu contest using Isometrics exclusively that answer is---Not that I am aware of. Though I think that if the actor Charles Bronson had competed in physique contests he probably would have either won or placed very high in the standings.
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