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The Carniverous Diet
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07-08-2019, 08:55 AM
Hello Everyone,

I was sent the following video link by a close friend who came across the 'Carniverous Diet' on Dr. Mercola's web-site.

The video that I am linking to below tells you about the merits of this type of eating for improved health. For all intents and purposes the diet is composed of muscle meats, organ meats, and cartilaginous tissue. Drs Joseph Mercola and Paul Saladino literally discuss eating animals from "nose to tail". The video also shares information on various chemicals produced by plants in order that they 'not' be eaten that can cause great distress and inflamation to humans who eat them.

So how good is it? Watch the video and post your questions.

My personal take is that this is the same 'Diet' as advocated by Dr. Weston Price in his 1939 Classic "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration". Though Dr Mercola pretends that it is new and revolutionary IT IS NOT. This is the same diet that the Native Americans of the great plains followed and was followed by almost all native peoples worldwide. It is not NEW.

Watch it and post your questions and we can discuss it.

---John Peterson
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