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What's The Best Protein Supplement?
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07-11-2019, 06:16 PM
Hello Everyone,

I've been asked what I consider to be the best protein supplement.

My answer: By far the best is raw whole eggs. I read about it 50 years ago in one of Vince Gironda's Blueprint series. Vince stated clearly why raw fertile eggs were without equal in terms of protein quality and assimilation and he actually recommended eating a half dozen raw eggs mixed with cream 6X daily. (Total 36 eggs) Believe me, it really does work. By doing that you'd be consuming 216 grams of highest quality protein plus getting a generous amount of natural cholesterol which in this case is a natural precursor to testosterone. If I were 17 that's what I would do if I wanted to put on 10 pounds of muscle quickly. BUT the big problem is that it is dangerous to do that with raw eggs from unknown sources. You could get very sick as a result.

So what to do instead of eggs?

The only protein I use is Syntha 6 from BSN. It offers 22 grams of the highest quality protein per serving. The flavors are truly delicious and are so easy to digest. Since I have been on my intensive Isometric Program for two plus years I have had up to 9 servings in a single day(198 Grams of best quality Protein) in order to maintain my muscle mass without adding an ounce of fat. My waistline is currently at 28" and for a man in his 67th year, I am more than a little pleased with that. As a little tip let me tell you that sometimes in the early morning I take 3 scoops (66-Grams of protein, 45 grams of carbs; 18 grams of fats) which totals 600 of the most delicious calories you can imagine. Those are mornings that I do 8 X 8 Atlas Push-Up variations with a 52 Pound Weight Vest after my 15-minute Isometric routine( Why 8 reps? Because I can focus on maintaining form and going to each follow up set just as soon as my breathing allows me to do so. I don't ever time rest between sets and you shouldn't either. Instead, learn to Power Breathe which comes naturally as a result of intensive 3-Stage isometric Contractions and then it hard while your muscles are highly oxygenated.

Wrap Up: I ingest more grams of protein now than ever and the reason that I Use Syntha 6 is that I personally believe it to be the most delicious protein supplement for best results I have ever taken. Nothing that I have taken compares to it. Not even close. The key to lifelong strength and fitness is high-level hormone activation. For a man, your waistline will tell you everything you need to know about your hormone balance. Your goal is to consume a diet that allows for the best possible balance of nutrients to fuel your muscles and Syntha 6 is what I use to achieve it. I'll also let you in on another little secret, Syntha-6 is so good it will totally wipe out any cravings you have for a dessert.

---John Peterson
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