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Isometrics: Superior For A Logical Reason
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11-05-2019, 02:55 PM
Hello Everyone,

I hope you're ALL having a great day. I'm feeling especially good because of the progress I have made as relates to the 'Living Strength Isometric Power Belt Course". Which I will have out before Christmas. The edits I have made these last few weeks have greatly enhanced the understanding for the reader of how Isometrics are applied.

My reviewers have been very gracious to me and have challenged me by asking great questions that have brought greater clarity to some of the more abstract concepts of Isometric Contraction (at least in my mind). For example, last night I received a question from Dr. Jensen after he had read a major portion of the revised manuscript that had occurred to him but for which he saw no clear explanation that would explain the dramatic increase in functional strength as applied to Olympic Style lifting. He said, "Everything is stated very clearly but I can't help but wonder why it was that Bill March and Lou Riecke were able to break records so consistently using a method that had no movement involved. I understand everything you've said about Isometrics educating the muscle fibers to all fire at the same exact moment rather than gradually recruiting more and more fibers individually until there were finally enough fibers activated to overcome the resistance and that that would ultimately translate to speed for which that 'The Snatch' is the ultimate test of applied strength and speed combined but even so it doesn't really explain the reason for such consistent increase."

My response was, "Thanks Doc, I'll address your question in the book because its a good one and clearly states why isometrics applied with an Isometric Power Belt are in fact SUPERIOR to every other method. In fact, it's the reason Riecke and March were able to break their own records until they finally reached their own maximum strength yet it has nothing to do with how Isometrics activates muscle fiber.

Doc Jensen responded by saying, "What? What do you mean it has nothing to do with muscle activation. What else could there possibly be?

My response: "Doc, the answer is far easier to ascertain when you consider what both the Isometric Power Belt or even an Isometric Power Rack has to offer. It comes down to energy. When using an Isometric Power Belt or Power Rack you apply the contraction precisely at the weakest point within the range of motion the so-called 'sticking point'. By using the Isometric Power Belt there no energy expended in getting the weight to the exact position within the lift and hence you can apply maximum effort where it is needed most directly. This is the answer that YOU are looking for and it is exactly why Coach Baley told me that for the purpose of strength development at any given point within the range of motion nothing can compare to the power belt. He was adamant that he had seen a great number of athletes surpass their previous best with Isometric power belt Training and that it accomplished in 25 minutes the benefits of more than 2 hours with the weights. Baley told me that for the man that has learned how to contract at maximum intensity nothing compares to the Isometric Power Belt and I know that he was right."

Bottom line: with Isometric Power Belt Training you develop maximum strength at precisely the point it is needed without expending any energy to get it to the starting point.

---John Peterson
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