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11-07-2019, 08:41 PM
Hello Everyone,

I've been asked if a single 6-second Ultra High-Intensity Isometric Contraction can yield as good of a result as other protocols provided it is actually accomplished at maximum intensity.

Answer: There is only one way for YOU or anyone else to have a definitive answer to that question and that is to test and document the answer for yourself.

Granted, if you went to the classics section and read 'The Physiology of Strength' by Theodore Hettinger, you would read that virtually every possible Isometric protocol was tested during the decade and a half long research conducted on Isometric Contraction at the Max Planck Institute in Dortmund, Germany from 1946 to 1960. There it is stated that one 6-Second Contraction will yield maximum results in strength development and that anything more in terms of duration of contraction or frequency of contractions will not yield an enhanced result. In other words, it is clearly stated just one maximum contraction each day is the 'golden mean'.

I know from many discussions I had with James Baley, Lawrence Morehouse, and others that I held in high regard that most of them absolutely believed that to be true as well. In the studies conducted at York with Americas Weight Lifting champions that were also taking Dianabol, the duration written into the texts was from 10 to 12 seconds. In fact, as a kid growing up in the 1960s almost everything you read related to isometrics was referencing a 10-second contraction. Bruce Lee favored a 12-second contraction.

Personally, I like the 3-stage protocol because it is the only way that I have obtained a really great and consistent pump with Isometrics. I like the feeling of the pump which I find euphoric.

My bottom line is very simple. I have never been one to follow protocols determined by other people. I have always used the advice of others as generalized guidelines but I have always followed my own intuition. I recommend you do the same. One thing that can be stated though is that the scientific research backs 6-seconds.

One more point that I should also drive home is that since Isometric contraction is the single most intense form of exercise you can undertake it becomes necessary to be especially aware of the effect it is having on your central nervous system. Too many contractions on any given day will soon deplete you so much that you won't feel like you're able to contract at anywhere near your maximum intensity. just a few minutes each day can yield extraordinary increases in strength and development that are almost hard to believe. It really comes down to how hard you can push yourself.

BUT do remember one thing: Overtaxing the Central Nervous System will set you back and that more than any other factor is probably why the single 6-second contraction was considered the golden mean and endorsed by the Max Planck research because one was less likely to burnout with a single 6-second contraction.

---John Peterson

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