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My Favorite Exercise to Slim the Waistline
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11-08-2019, 02:17 PM
Hello Everyone,

I was asked by a young man earlier today how I keep my waistline so incredibly small and 'tight' looking.

The answer is two-fold. #1) The Right Genetics #2) a certain exercise that I learned decades ago that exercises every muscle of the entire waistline including those of the front, back, and sides. It's called the 'Torso Circle'. This exercise activates the muscles around the waistline Isometrically.

You see, the muscles surrounding your waistline are supporting muscles that are used to keep your torso erect. For that reason, the best way to exercise them intensely is to do the following exercise that forces them to perform their function of maintaining the torso in an upright position while standing and walking.

Starting Position & Execution: 1) Stand with your ankles together and your feet forming a "V"'. 2) Raise your arms straight overhead and clasp your hands in a reverse handclasp with upper arms close to ears. Maintaining this position throughout the movement. The arms DO NOT move but stay in this position the entire time. 3) Facing straight ahead you slowly begin to perform a circular motion while facing straight ahead and keeping the upper arms extended straight up and next to the ears. Moving only at the waistline moving to either the left or right and circling slowly around to the back going as far as comfortably possible and continuing as far as possible in a circular motion while keeping body facing straight ahead. Reverse direction after every six repetitions or so and continue until you feel the muscles have been thoroughly worked. This is a difficult exercise at first for the majority of people because they have never consciously exercised their muscles isometrically in this way before. NOTE: When properly performed it will take inches off the waistline in short order. I perform it daily performing ing 52 repetitions in each direction while wearing a 32-pound weight vest. Believe me, it engages every muscle surrounding the entire waistline and will slim and sculpt the waistline and entire core in world record time.

---John Peterson

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11-11-2019, 04:37 AM
Hi John

Just tried this and it's hard! Only did 12 reps each way (6 each way then repeated). Felt a great stretch at the end too!

Not 100% sure I am doing it correctly though. Any chance of a pic or video of you doing it? Not sure how big the circles are meant to be?

Going to incorporate this in to my training!

Thanks John

- Paul
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