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Isometrics:Vastly Superior For Some? Maybe.
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06-30-2020, 01:59 PM
Hello Everyone,

Obviously there is no single exercise method that is "Superior" across the board for every person BUT there is one thing that Isometric Contraction has in its favor as a superior method for some people. For example, when it comes to contact sports such as football, boxing, wrestling, and MMA, it certainly is not a stretch to say that men that are mesomorphs are at a clear advantage in terms of natural bone-structure and leverage because they clearly are. As a rule, such men are naturally more adept at strength sports such as gymnastics and Olympic style weightlifting. BUT this is also where Isometric Contraction is superior for men that are extreme ectomorphs or endomorphs. In both cases, bone structure and leverage make it impossible for either the extreme ectomorph or endomorph to train like a mesomorph BUT when it comes to maximizing strength the ectomorph and endomorph could safely apply Isometric Contraction without fear of injury.

So what's my point? Just this, In terms of anyone of any somatotype being able to strengthen themselves to peak strength for their particular somatotype, Isometrics offer n advantage over all gravity-based exercises whether performed exclusively with 'body' weight or barbells, dumbbells, and machines due to the fact that leverage is taken out of the equation. Also bear in mind that Isometric Contraction was in fact used by extreme mesomorphs to great benefit in the early 1960s by Olympic style lifters to blow past 'sticking points' or weak points within any given range of motion.

Bottom line: There are certain applications for Isometrics that may make them superior in some ways to all movement based training methods.

---John Peterson

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