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Is Bodybuilding A New form of Suicide
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07-08-2020, 12:10 PM
Hello Everyone,

Back in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s it became widely known that heavy use of anabolic steroids often caused erectile dysfunction and hypogonadism (shrinking testes). But then a little over 20 years ago Viagra and similar drugs began to appear on the scene and before long bodybuilders began taking Viagra first to treat erectile dysfunction and then to combine it with steroids to enhance the delivery of steroids via the bloodstream to aid muscle recovery and growth. The bottom line is that combining viagra with steroids is now common BUT nowadays bodybuilders are going way, way beyond that, and are doing all kinds of other enhancement drugs and the consequences are turning deadly. Below is a link to an article about a bodybuilder that had recently won Mr. UK title and died just days later at age 39. It states that Clomiphene and Tamoxifen were discovered in blood samples taken from him as well as massive amounts of cocaine. One of the drugs is for female fertility and the other a hormone therapy for breasts. Both are now commonly taken by users of anabolic steroids as part of their bodybuilding regimen. I mention this because Bodybuilding has become a freak show that is anything but a health-promoting activity. To see just how far it has devolved read this article.

---John Peterson
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