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Johnny Depp: Time to Get it Right
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07-09-2020, 11:59 AM
Hello Everyone,

For years and years, I have known about a large group of celebrities that have literally been given the option to "Cut a Deal with the Devil' in order to become successful beyond their dreams. Here is an example of someone who states that is exactly what she did. I'm talking about Katy Perry that started out as a gospel singer only to be given the option of how to become famous beyond her dreams. She took that option and has lived to regret it:

Now we come to the public self-destruction of Johnny Depp. Depp was idolized by millions and held up as a role model for those that wanted to completely self destruct and yet get away with it as he (Johnny Depp) seemed to be doing. But now, at age 57 the whole world is finding out that all the booze, cocaine, drugs of every sort, orgies and meaningless relationships with others that were also totally screwed up and self-destructing is not only UN-COOL but will ultimately create a state of living hell as the whole world is allowed to see you how twisted and pathetic your entire life has become.

My point in writing this is not to criticize Johnny Depp or anyone else but to point out that it doesn't matter who you are the day comes when you're no longer the young kid with a bad boy reputation and if you keep it up you will one day wake up to be considered an old 'has been' and an object of derision as the entire world watches as you self destruct publicly as Depp is doing with his very public divorce. Now people are asking themselves, "What did I ever see in him?" I'll tell you what you saw. YOU saw an image that was carefully crafted by media moguls that were using the media mind control techniques to make you believe something that was not true. This in fact is exactly what the mainstream media does and when the time comes that you are no longer useful they turn on you and destroy you. It's a literal example of Joseph Stalin's Famous quote about, "Useful idiots". As long as Johnny Depp could be held up as the personification of cool and was usefully exploited by the cabal to fill seats in theaters so that they could make hundreds of millions he was a "Useful idiot" and now he is not.

With the above in mind read this article from the New York Post:

Also note: wouldn't this be a great time for Johnny Depp to get his act together and become a self-controlled, self-disciplined role model for reclaiming one's life and becoming a "real man" that others can respect.

---John Peterson

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