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Body Weight & Isometrics
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08-07-2020, 01:29 PM
Hello Everyone,

I was talking earlier with a man that wants to believe that one can achieve fantastic development with Isometrics alone. He did not want to hear the TRUTH.

If you combine Isometric Power Belt Exercises with the right bodyweight and DVR exercises to achieve a fantastic pump you can achieve an amazing level of development. ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! BUT without the PUMP it isn't going to happen.

Isometrics make it possible to achieve fantastic strength because they teach you how to contract a maximum number of muscle fibers all at once. This is exactly why the Olympic Style weightlifters Bill March and Lou Reike were able to break all of their previous records. It wasn't magic, it was because Isometrics taught them how to activate the maximum number of muscle fibers simultaneously for any given exertion. AND YES! They were taking Dianabol too. BUT they only performed one standard weight lifting workout weekly at which time they made every attempt to break their own personal records.

Bottom line: You can build strength and shed a great deal of body fat with isometrics but in order to build muscle size you need to infuse the muscles with highly oxygenated blood.

---John Peterson

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