How to Exercise Without Moving a Muscle

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about How to Exercise Without Moving a Muscle

Victor Obeck was Professor of Physical Education as well as the Athletic Director at New York University during the 1960s. Prior to his career in academia he had been a pro football player and was well aware of the need for exercise and strength conditioning.

Obeck’s first exposure to Isometric Contraction came in 1960 when he traveled to Europe for a technical meeting at the Institute of Human Anatomy at the University of Rome. The meeting coincided with the Olympic Games that were being held that year in Rome, and it was there that Obeck met a young research associate from Germany’s Max Planck Institute, who was there to discuss the volumes of validated research compiled by Drs. Mettinger and Müeller that proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Isometric Contraction was the safest, best, and most adaptable method of super strength building that had ever been researched. From there Obeck became a champion of Isometric Contraction and pioneered its use in sports conditioning in the United States.

How to Exercise Without Moving a Muscle was my Uncle Milo’s favorite physical culture book, and for my 14th birthday in 1966 I received a hard-cover copy from him (which I’m proudly sharing with you here).

Uncle Milo thought so much of the book that he contacted Obeck to tell him what a fine job he had done. After he sent Obeck a few pictures of himself performing some of the book’s Isometric Contractions, Obeck called him on the phone and said, “My gosh, Milo! Why aren’t you playing Tarzan in the movies?” To which my uncle replied, “Nobody ever had the sense to ask.”

Seriously friends, I hope you enjoy this book. It really is first rate, even though it doesn’t have any pictures of my Uncle Milo performing the exercises.

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