Isometric Power Revolution

Isometric Power Revolution

ISBN: 1-932458-50-3
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Product Description

Isometrics Power Revolution is the most comprehensive and effective Isometrics fitness and training system ever devised, created to powerfully strengthen and sculpt every muscle in the entire body--without the risk of joint and spine injury or muscle tears that come with weightlifting.

The power of Isometrics training lies in being taught how to perform it correctly. Veteran strength and conditioning coach John e. Peterson shows you precisely how to use Isometrics to reshape your physique and add strength beyond your imagination--without ever moving a muscle!

Says Peterson: "I'll show you how the most effective Isometric training techniques and exercises that will help you develop lean, perfectly sculpted muscles, shed unwanted and unhealthy weight, and achieve that unmistakable youthful glow without ever having to go to a gym, lift weights, or invest in expensive equipment."

In Isometric Power Revolution, you'll have fingertip access to:
  • A complete and comprehensive training program of the best Isometric exercises designed to strengthen and sculpt every muscle group in your body.
  • Hundreds of clear, detailed photos showing every facet of every Isometric exercise-most of which can be performed anytime, anyplace.
  • An amazing "History of Isometrics" that convincingly demonstrates why Isometric Contraction is the most scientifically validated approach to strength training and body sculpting.

About John e. Peterson:

JOHN PETERSON, internationally renowned strength and fitness coach and creator of the Transformetrics™ Training System, knows the painful reality of struggling to overcome physical adversity. At the age of four John was a victim of the dreaded disease polio, which left him with horribly misshapen legs that doctors were forced to break and reset—all without anesthesia for the ...

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Walter G. Paine
Walter G. Paine wrote...
"A good book"
Sep 27 2007
If you want a well thought out, well explained and well illustrated set of isometric exercises, that is what you get in this book; in three chapters. And that is what I base my ...
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... 5 star rating on.

The "selling isometric" chapters (diet,motovation, history etc) are of passing interest to this reviewer but have been reviewed enthusiactically elsewhere.

Customer wrote...
"Exciting to see"
Aug 04 2007
Every time I see a book by this author, I am inspired. His enthusiasm jumps right across the pages, and he 'aint too hard of the eyes either!! It's great to see the breathing ...
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... component added - for me, this is very key, and kicks it up a notch.

J. Walker
J. Walker wrote...
Jul 19 2007
Fantastic!!!. Another superb book from Mr Peterson. This man is living proof that his methods not only work but work exceptionly well, if you put the lessons in ...
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... this book into practice you can change the way you look and feel whilst never having to leave home.
You don't need a gym, all you need is John's books and a little self-discipline.
I highly recommend John's work they are truly outstanding.
John Walker

M. C. Jimenez
M. C. Jimenez "My Vice" wrote...
"Best workout for the time challenged"
Jul 18 2007
Let me preface this by saying I own two of Mr. Peterson's other books, The Miracle Seven and Pushing Yourself to Power as well as Jim Forystek's Powerflex, all of these books ...
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... are excellent. IPR is no different. The book is extremely well written with a history section which is full of details. Mr. Peterson also has a great chapter on motivation. As for the exercises themselves, I have been performing the Classical Isometric exercises every other day for about three weeks now. The results have been fantastic. I trained with weights for many years, but my muscles are harder and better defined with isometrics than they ever were with weights. The program is also extremely convenient and quick. My family and I were on vacation this past week. We drove to our destination. Twice I was able to get through two thirds of the workout sitting in the passenger seat! I only had a few movements to finish up once we stopped for the night. I can do most of my routine at work at my desk. If you're always strapped for time because of work/family commitments, this is the best way to get a workout in. I love it!

Macduffee wrote...
"Try it, learn it, it works!"
Jun 17 2007
Last week I was driving my daughter home from a soccer game. We were in my '83 Jeep CJ-7, a car with limited power steering capability, so each turn was brief workout in ...
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... itself. At one point while making a turn, she reached out and grabbed my bicep and said, "how did you get that?" I smiled and told her, "Isometrics". I am commercial airline pilot, husband and father of four. My days are typically filled with tough commutes, strange hotels, weather delays, time zone changes, soccer games, swim meets, piano lessons, scout meetings, home repair, etc, etc. In short, I have no set time that I can consistently set aside for training and most times I have no time at all. Therefore, I take my workouts as time presents itself to me. This book gave me the insight I needed to form my own simple and effective workouts that I can do anytime, anywhere with no equipment and no set time commitment. I simply do not have time for a gym or anything of that nature and I'm positive that I am not the only one. I exercise for many reasons, mainly to preserve my health and longevity, in short, I want to see my grandchildren! But I also need to protect my pilots license, which hinges upon a biannual physical. There are economic reasons as well, I don't want to have to purchase a new (larger) pair of pants every 6 months or so! The least of my reasons for exercising is vanity. Yes, I want to look good and fit, but I don't crave recognition for it. BUT, when my 7 year old daughter reached out and admired my arm development it was like winning an award or contest! For me that is all the recognition I will ever need. Most people have been conditioned to believe that you have to join a gym and lift weights to stay fit. It is simply not true. I strongly recommend this book.

ron watson
ron watson wrote...
"most interesting and complete book on the subject matter"
May 21 2007
Anyone who thinks this has any filler matter is not thinking things through. The book could have been written without any background as most exercise info books are written. ...
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... That way they are done quickly and put on the market to make money with the least effort. It must have been hard and took a long time to read through all the other courses to come up with the best background info I have ever read. It makes you feel that this is the best exercise for your time spent.
I am a 58 year old male with many health problems. Breathing is my worst problem. After my last operation I had a 3 week spell with no exercise allowed. I did just the breathing exercises in the book and lost 18 lbs. I used to do the isometrics a long time ago. I felt very strong but I was not lifting weights and it seemed like that is what guys should do.
What did I know, I was I guy. When I hurt my back, it was back to isometrics to get a stronger back and get rid of the pain.
I have a library of exercise books at home. This is my all time favorite book.
Do you want a good history read? Buy it.
Do you want an inexpensive muscle builder and fat burning routine? Buy it.
Do you need to breathe better? Buy it.
Need I say more?

H. Miller
H. Miller wrote...
"Isometric has a long history of success"
May 12 2007
When talking to a friend I mentioned that I was doing isometrics, and he replied "isometrics is the poor mans weights." I thought about it for a week and then decided the only ...
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... thing that has made me poor when working out is the $1000 plus worth of equipment that I have bought in my life. None of the equipment is left in my possession except some dumbbells. Possible the $325 that I spent for my wife and I to join a gym last year. Not to mention the $60 monthly fee. Working out like everyone else will cost lots of $$$$$$$. I did show my friend the dynamic tension exercises that I got from the book The Miracle Seven, and he replied "it's like I have weights in my hand but I don't have any."

This program is easy to do at work. This is perfect for the office, because this program can be done over the course of a day. I have been doing this program for only nine days, but as I sit in my office and flex my muscles I can feel a difference in the power of the contraction. All a person need to have the perfect workout is this book along with the book Miracle Seven exercises. I also incorporate that book into my workout.

Mr. Peterson said the words easy and isometric should never go together. I disagree. I take about eight hours to finish my daily isometric workout. When I get home from work I will spend another 10-15 min. of dynamic tension and push-ups. When my day is over I have worked out 25-35 minutes, and the time just flew buy.

Magnum4zz wrote...
"Revolution? it's OK, but isn't a "Revelation""
Apr 15 2007
His previous book "Pushing yourself to power" is a better book in my opinion. I recently purchased "Isometric power revolution" and was slightly disapointed with it. I thought ...
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... there was way too much filler material, in the form of a history lesson etc, taking up the first third of the book, and the last third made up of a lesson in "PowerFlexing", with no instruction on any Alexander Zass type isometrics using implements, or various other ways to incorporate Isometrics. I'm not saying to not buy it, as I believe it's a relative bargain for $30, particularly the information about Dr. Kiveloff's method to control blood pressure using Iso's, but it seems theres far too many people looking to hitch their wagon to his lead (at his website), proclaiming it to be some kind of "Sacred text" or "Bible" on the subject, which it clearly is not. There was even a thread at the site titled "How to handle critics", which addresses how to attack anyone who's critical in their review of the books. Seems a little paranoid and cultish to me.

E. Fox
E. Fox wrote...
"Not what I expected"
Apr 07 2007
After reading all the hype and good reviews, I decided to order the book. I know a 'thing or two' about Isometric training already, and was expecting much more from this book. ...
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... However, for someone who has no knowledge of "Iso's", or wants to learn "Powerflexing", this book may be a worthwhile primer.

A. Hoot
A. Hoot "Meter Man" wrote...
"A great book and a super workout!"
Apr 04 2007
We have a couple of John's books. We have enjoyed all of them but this is by far our favorite. The history is very interesting and the benefits of this type of workout are ...
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... amazing. When I first started on this program at age 45 I had a 38 inch waist. I am now down under a 33 now but I have also put on a lot of muscle. Another good point about this book is that it is a program that all the family can benefit from. It is fun to watch my children get into the workout with my wife and myself. I highly recommend this book and any workout book from Bronze Bow Publishing.

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