Isometric Power Revolution

Isometric Power Revolution

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Product Description

Isometrics Power Revolution is the most comprehensive and effective Isometrics fitness and training system ever devised, created to powerfully strengthen and sculpt every muscle in the entire body--without the risk of joint and spine injury or muscle tears that come with weightlifting.

The power of Isometrics training lies in being taught how to perform it correctly. Veteran strength and conditioning coach John e. Peterson shows you precisely how to use Isometrics to reshape your physique and add strength beyond your imagination--without ever moving a muscle!

Says Peterson: "I'll show you how the most effective Isometric training techniques and exercises that will help you develop lean, perfectly sculpted muscles, shed unwanted and unhealthy weight, and achieve that unmistakable youthful glow without ever having to go to a gym, lift weights, or invest in expensive equipment."

In Isometric Power Revolution, you'll have fingertip access to:
  • A complete and comprehensive training program of the best Isometric exercises designed to strengthen and sculpt every muscle group in your body.
  • Hundreds of clear, detailed photos showing every facet of every Isometric exercise-most of which can be performed anytime, anyplace.
  • An amazing "History of Isometrics" that convincingly demonstrates why Isometric Contraction is the most scientifically validated approach to strength training and body sculpting.

About John e. Peterson:

JOHN PETERSON, internationally renowned strength and fitness coach and creator of the Transformetrics™ Training System, knows the painful reality of struggling to overcome physical adversity. At the age of four John was a victim of the dreaded disease polio, which left him with horribly misshapen legs that doctors were forced to break and reset—all without anesthesia for the ...

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Chad R. Adams
Chad R. Adams wrote...
"Isometric success story!"
Mar 30 2007
I have always been active throughout my life with martial arts, sports and other activities. I have never been over weight and have always been in good shape. Although I have ...
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... always had "high" blood pressure. For a young man who exercises quite often 185/105 would be something to worry about. For years doctors told me I needed to take medication to "correct" the problem. Recently I bought John Peterson's Isometric Power Revolution. Inside there are many wonderful health building exercises. There is a specific chapter about Blood pressure and how to control and lower it naturally. I thought I would give it a try, I checked my pressure as to have a point of reference(again it was 185/101),and I started applying the "Full body Isometric" technique. 4 weeks later I check my blood pressure, to my suprise it was 135/80! I kept up with the technique and recently checked my pressure, it was 117/73. If there is any doubt in your mind about the validity or truth behind this book, there is no need. I know this technique works along with the rest of the exercises shown in the book. Don't wait another second, this book is the gateway to life long health and wellness! Thank you John for all you do! Chad Adams

Justin_P "Justin_P" wrote...
"This book NEEDED to be written"
Mar 22 2007
It's amazing how much isometric contraction has been a part of exercise regimen for decades and yet so few know so little about it, let alone how to do it properly. The poor ...
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... instruction of isometrics up until this point didn't help either This book is unique in that it give a pretty extensive and interesting look into the history of isometrics. What is striking is how physical fitness has been around long before many realize.

The exercise portion is excellent. Once again, John Peterson demonstrates how much that you can do with nothing more than your own body. The exercises definetly produce results. Just the other day, someone commented on the muscularity of my arms and I've been throwing iso's into my workouts for about a month now.

This is a very unique and very effective book. It needed to be written. It's a great book.

Big Fan
Big Fan wrote...
"Great production from John Peterson"
Mar 12 2007
There is a new book out called Isometric Power Revolution written by a gentleman who has somewhat become a leading authority on bodyweight excercises and calisthetics, John ...
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... Peterson. Mr. Peterson is a 53 yr. old business and owner of his own publishing company, BronzeBow Publishing. At 53 yrs. old, he has the physique that a 24 yr. old would want to attian.

He has written other very well recieved and review books including ' Pushing Yourself to Power' and ' Miracle 7'. I have these books and they are excellent, too.

Isometric Power Revolution really hits the subject of isometrics in a way that I do not think has been done in the past. Not only what we consider isometrics by plying one muscle against another, but also the isometrics power flexing that was trumpeted by physical culturists of 80 years ago. A method that seems to have been forgotten by many of other fitness gurus of today.

Methods, angles, timing and routines are laid out and explained in great depth.

I have the Wittenberg and Bailey books that in themselves were pretty comprehaensive for the time of their publishing, almost 40 yrs. ago.

Isometric Power Revolution, seriously, leaves them in the dust with the fresh approach taken by Mr. Peterson. There is a very comprehensive 'history' section that in itself could have been a seperate book.

It's nice and refreshing to see credit given to the past where credit is due.

I highly recommend this book for all who are sincerely interested in pursuing and incorporating isometrics in their fitness and strength regimine.

Dale J. Bellard, Jr.
Dale J. Bellard, Jr. "daddydale30" wrote...
"5 Stars aren't enough"
Mar 11 2007
Hey all, I just finished reading John Peterson's new book "Isometric Power Revolution". Let me tell you that I was totally blown away. This book not only helps add ...
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... muscle to you body, but muscle to your brain. It is packed with a multitude of wonderful and detailed information about the exercises and the Greats of Old, as well. Let me tell you, anyone who thinks these exercises are easy, has not tried it under the tension needed to build muscle. At the same time the exercises are easy to understand, just are alot of work. The emphasis on the mind to muscle connection is where it's all at and I believe anyone young and old can and will benefit from this program. John, your nephew is in outstanding shape for his young age. Kudos to you and the effort and knowledge that you poured into this very comprehensive guide.

This book is an asset for anyone who wishes to tap into the potential of what can be achieved through perserverence and a little hard work mixed with knowledge. Knowledge truly is power, and John brings it to life in an entertaining and educational way.

This book is more than just exercise. It's how to excel positively in life, as well. It gives you the tools to bring your dreams to life in an outstanding and realistic manner.

Thanks John for sharing your insights and experience to the world. You have made it just that much more of a better place for us.

Max McKinley
Max McKinley wrote...
"You Owe It To Yourself"
Mar 07 2007
After years of buying into the marketing hype of the purveyors of weight lifting - and reaping the "rewards" of tendonitis and joint pain - I began looking to the older methods ...
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... of bodyweight training. Isometric Power Revolution is the most complete volume of its kind. After using these methods, I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised at the progress I have made. And aches and pains I had learned to live with are disappearing as I continue to follow the counsel of this latest installment of Bronze Bow Publishing. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Cliff W. Arceneaux
Cliff W. Arceneaux wrote...
"The ultimate strength training course"
Feb 21 2007
In this age of hyperbole, many times the term Ultimate is tossed around. But I can assure you; this book really is the ultimate guide to life long strength ...
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... training.

Don't believe me? Read the 51 page "concise history" of isometric exercise. In fact, there are about 100 pages of questions, answers, studies, and other great info before the exercises are even unveiled. There are over 120 pages of isometric exercises, with multiple pictures for every exercise, and clear instructions. There are tips and routines in how to incorporate isometrics into your life. The author includes a motivational chapter on how to improve your whole life, not just shrink your waistline and get pumped up.

In short, this is book is a wise investment in your health. Well worth it. I highly recommend it.

strength builder
strength builder wrote...
"The ultimate book on the ultimate body building system"
Feb 15 2007
Since I first became interested in Isometrics in the 1950s I have read every article and book that I could find on them. "The Isometric Power Revolution" is by far the best and ...
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... most comprehensive book ever written on the subject. It features 284 information packed pages covering every aspect of isometrics. It contains 8 chapters, is fully illustrated, contains numerous photographs and exercise descriptions and will definitely become the classic of the field.

Isometrics may be the ultimate stand alone form of exercise,but certainly they are an indispensible part of any strength and muscle building exercise program. They got a bad rap in the 1960s when it was discovered that their main promoter and advocate, U.S Olympic Weightlifting Coach Bob Hoffman, in addition to training his lifters with isometrics was also using steroids and people wrongly assumed that the fantastic strength gains that the lifters were making were totally the result of the steroids.
Isometrics are being rediscovered and and their popularity has been increasing recently , however, the use of isometrics to develop muscle and strength goes back to ancient times. The Isometric Power Revolution has an excellent fully illustrated chapter on the history of isometrics that contains over 50 pages.

Isometrics are superior to regular weightlifting because of the 'synapse' effect . When you are performing a standard bench press, for instance, it will take you one or two seconds to move through the entire range of motion yet there is only one point in the range of motion where you are applying maximum strength and the duration of the effort at that point may last only a fraction of a second. Our bodies use only the minimum number of muscle fibers required to perform a movement so the maximum number of fibers are only used at that point of maximum intensity which lasts only a fraction of a second. Conversely with an isometric exercise you are applying maximum tension for the full duration of the contraction whether it be 10 seconds, 12 seconds or longer and as a result you are contracting maximum muscle fibers for the entire length of time that you are performing the exercise.

The "Isometric Power Revolution " is a must for anyone seriously interested in the development of strength and muscle.

Greg Newton
Greg Newton wrote...
"Is this book for you?"
Feb 15 2007
If you think the champion bodybuilders of the sixties and seventies were drug free and that the ideal place to workout is your neighborhood fitness factory, this book is not ...
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... for you. If you are a die hard iron head, who has yet to suffer from the "busted up weightlifter syndrome," this book is not for you. If you are looking for another exercise trend to follow without putting some grit and effort into what you are doing, this book is not for you.

If you're interested in health, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and the physique of a Greek statue, this book is for you. If you are interested in physical culture history, this book is for you. If you have had debilitating injuries from weight training and want to turn back the clock, this book is for you.

Once again John Peterson has brought us a classic. The Isometric Power Revolution delves into the history of self-resistance exercise from ancient time to the experiments done at the Max Planck Institute. It also offers a safe and effective way to train the body without equipment and with results. However, someone new to exercise or physical fitness would probable be better off buying John Peterson's first book, Pushing Yourself To Power where the focus is on power calisthenics and dynamic self resistance exercise which would be easier to start with. The Isometric Power Challenge is an advanced book that focuses on the different categories of isometric resistance which require little or no movement and strong concentration and visualization skills.

Being one of those afore mentioned busted up weightlifters I can vouch for the effectiveness of John's methods. At forty-five I thought I was washed up as an athlete, got winded easily, was inflexible and suffered from back and knee pain from my weight lifting. I thought I was doing everything right in my weight training by using good form and by constantly stretching, but I was not taking into consideration the wear and tear on the joints and the spinal compression that occurs due to the forces of gravity.

A year and a half later, I weigh less, look more like a bodybuilder than when I lifted weights, am more flexible, am more coordinated, am faster, have more endurance, and am much stronger. Does that mean I can lift more weights in the gym? I don't know and don't care. What it does mean is that I am stronger in the areas of life that really count, like walking (or running) up a steep incline without getting winded, being able to manhandle a heavy piece of furniture, or hoisting a load onto my shoulder to carry it.

As a teacher in a high school vocational program devoted to law enforcement and fire fighting I am constantly moving and working with my students doing rescue lifts, carrying hose, climbing onto the fire truck, demonstrating take downs, and modeling tactical procedures. Thanks to John Peterson's programs I can keep up with these kids, out perform them in calisthenics, and despite my physical limitations from my weight training days, outrun most of them. Because so many of our young people are out of shape today, and so many of our teen athletes have blown shoulders and knees from the high school weight room, I have made Transformetrics part of their physical fitness program and heartily recommend it to anyone who wants an effective and safe approach to physical fitness.

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