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Jim Forystek’s Powerflex system delivers the maximum in physical fitness, dynamic good health, and a perfectly sculpted body, while energizing every cell in your body with vitality and vigor. Best of all, it requires no weight, no gym, no equipment—just your own effort and motivation.

You’ll never experience another boring workout that simply burns you out and makes you hurt wherever you have a joint. Instead, you’ll learn how to use and maximize the latent strength in your own body to create the physique and vibrant health your Creator intended for you.

Divided into eight weekly workouts of five exercises, Powerflex shows you how to:
  • Build and shape a powerful, perfectly muscled chest.
  • Develop strong, rippling washboard abs that draw attention on every beach.
  • Maintain a healthy, energetic, flexible spine for lifelong youthfulness.
  • Create a firm, strong neck that projects confidence and personal magnetism.
  • Sculpt a beautifully developed V-shaped back.
  • Build strong, attractive, tireless legs that can always go the distance.
  • Create well-rounded, powerful shoulders.
  • Develop awesome, perfectly shaped arms that never tire.
Plus, Powerflex gives you five special speed, energy, and endurance workouts that will maximize and enhance your performance abilities!

Powerflex shows you the same techniques Jim Forystek personally used to transform himself and his sons, Jim and John, into the amazing specimens pictured throughout the exercises of this book. This may be the most exciting strength and fitness manual you’ll ever own.

About Jim Forystek:

Jim Forystek is the creator of the Flexercise workout programs and author of the Powerflex system. Jim is a fitness expert who has been a part of five championship football teams, and who has trained athletes to achieve championship success in soccer, volleyball, track, body building, tennis, and other sports. He also shows non-athletes from youths to seniors how to get and stay fit so ...

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B. Roberts
B. Roberts wrote...
"no gym required"
Sep 06 2007
Powerflex is a very easy book to read. The explanations of each excercise are written so that everyone can understand them. The pictures are great illustrations of each ...
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... excercise. The reader will know exactly how to perform each movement. The eight week program is great and you will see results fairly quick. One of the best parts is you don't need a gym or expensive equipment and you can do them wherever you are. The price is right too. I highly recommend this book.

Ronald E. Springer
Ronald E. Springer "Author of Moral Armor (.com)" wrote...
"Fastest Way to a Great Man Body"
Jan 05 2007
Excellent, excellent book. The exercises are easy, fast, and they work like a charm. I've asked tons of people about chest development and never stuck to doing flys, flys, ...
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... inverted, upside right, whatever... this is way easier and much more effective.

What I really dig is the spine and neck workouts. Never saw that addressed before, and what a difference in how I feel everyday!! Thanks!!

Victor L. Perez
Victor L. Perez wrote...
"Modern version of Dynamic Tension"
Apr 12 2006
Powerflex is an execellent book on Bodyweight exercises. His writer Jim Forystek was a follower of Charles Atlas and has stay faithful to the perfection of building muscles in ...
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... the absence of the use of weights. I love the way the book exercise routines are structured. For each exercise the book has 3 levels of repetitions, making it easy to follow the routine. I've been using it for over 8 months and feel my body has improved a great deal. Some parts I believe Powerflex could have improved is in providing pictures for the Speed and Endurance exercises, providing exercises for the calves and forearms and in providing nutritional information. Otherwise, Powerflex is an excellent addition to any bodyweight exercise library.

C. sanders
C. sanders wrote...
"It's worth it."
Feb 15 2006
I found the book well structured. The exercises easy to understand. The book is worth the buy. Think about how much money people spend on gym fees and buying bulky equipment. ...
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... If your just starting out and want a easy method that can be done any where, Powerflex is a great place to start.

Joe L. Libbey
Joe L. Libbey wrote...
"Powerflex is a Great Addition to any Fitness Library"
Jan 22 2006
Description: POWERFLEX is 160 pages written by Mr. Jim Forystek and published by Bronze Bow Publishing. Both Jimmy and Johnny Forystek model the presented exercises. The ...
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... new POWERFLEX course features 40 self-resistance type exercises. It employs an animal allegory for each exercise to inspire motivation and visualization. The course features 5 exercises per muscle group and is divided into 8 muscle groups: chest, abs, spine, neck, back, legs, shoulders, and arms. It also includes 5 speed, energy, and endurance workouts. It takes the guesswork out of which exercises to do and how many repetitions of each exercise to do. Five exercises are what you do for each muscle group. The course suggests for people starting the program to perform the chest workout for eight weeks and work out the remaining seven muscle groups one a week for 7 weeks.

Good Points:

This course provides a clearly defined system that is easy to follow. It clearly lists the exercises for each body part and proscribes recommended repetitions. It does not, however provide recommended sets. Jim does address the issue of sets on the first page of the chest workout by letting people know that it is ok to break up the repetitions into sets and allow for rest in between. Jim places emphasis on tension more than the amount of repetitions.

Mr. Forystek's sons are in really good shape and do a wonderful job in posing. Both Jimmy and Johnny made excellent models and demonstrate the effectiveness of the system.

I personally found the acknowledgment section interesting and somewhat inspiring. It's too bad that Jim Forystek never asked his dad where he found the six-foot metal pole in the woods.

Suggested Improvements:

I feel that Jim should have provided a couple of pages on a recommend diet plan.

POWERFLEX often times uses three pictures to demonstrate exercises. I believe that several of the Flexes should have 4 or five photos per exercise.

More examples of speed, energy, and endurance workouts should have been provided. Information on how to combine the different drills for a week or month schedule would have added a lot of value.


This book serves as an excellent complement to other bodyweight exercise books. This course offers a new approach with emphasis on flexing rather than on calisthenics. Purchased with other books that primarily focus on calisthenics, POWERFLEX provides many excellent complimentary exercises and fitness information, but with very little duplication of material.


I gave this exercise manual a rating of four out of five stars. I highly recommend its purchase. It's a great addition to any fitness library.

Powerflex rocks!
Powerflex rocks! wrote...
"Henry W. Kastler"
Dec 12 2005
I had been using another Bronze Bow Publishing book, The Miracle Seven, as my primary exercise routine for about a year and wanted a change. So I got this book and followed the ...
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... Level 1, 8 week routine. 15 minutes a session, and did the sessions anywhere from 4 to 7 days a week. No gym equipment is necessary. These exercises can be done in the comfort of your home. The author, Jim Forystek, names each exercise using animal metaphors, such as Gorilla Flex or Shark Flex. I like this, and think it helps.

My transformation has me totally astounded. I never thought that developing a powerful body like this could be done in such a short period of time, and with enjoyable, easy to do exercises at low rep counts. Powerflex does work! I'm living proof.

I look and feel great. Never before in my life have women touched my arms and shoulders during casual conversation like they have been since I've been on this program. Having a muscular body rocks, and following the routines in this book will develop one.

Big Fan
Big Fan wrote...
"Great new slant and package on Dynamic Tension excercises"
Nov 28 2005
Charles Atlas and his Dynamic Tension excercising has been around for over 80 years and have helped countless people to incorporate physical fitness into their lives. Well, in ...
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... Powerflex, Dynamic Tension excercising meets the 21st century and it's packaged nicely enough for the young and older to embrace the movments and incorporate them into a new, non-equipment workout that will sculpt physiques into the shapes you've desired.

Powerflex is set up by bodygroups, like the Atlas course and John Peterson's(who actually does the forward to this nice book) Pushing Yourself To Power. Each gorup is set up with 5 great excercises and from there Powerflex lays out a routine that can be followed in the same premise of grouping bodygroups together to follow an 8-10 week regimine, much like the Atlas course.

Apparently, Jim and his two sons have been Atlas students for their whole lives. Powerflex has a nice appeal (using animal names and imagery for the movements) designed for getting youngsters and teenagers to embrace what can be said to be..."It's not your Grandfather's Atlas anymore". It's core is basically the same as Atlas but it expounds in so many more areas and has many movements and excercises that Atlas does not have.

For young and old, male and female, Powerflex is a wonderful book and a great laid out plan. The photos explain the Atlas related Dynamic Tension excercises even better than the old Atlas course does as there are a series of 3 photos for various stages of each movement. Very well done.

Greg Newton
Greg Newton wrote...
"Old Wine and New Minds"
Nov 21 2005
A truism of life is that everything comes full circle. Decades ago soldiers and athletes built coordination and enduring power by deep breathing and moving their own ...
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... bodyweight. This gave them the strength to run, swim, climb, throw, march or fight. Athletes looked like Greek statues with broad shoulders, narrow hips, and well developed abdominal muscles. The professional strongman who developed only one aspect of strength by lifting heavy objects was criticized for his "knotty" appearing muscles.

Today we have reversed that and the bodybuilder physique is appearing in every sport from football to ping pong. Athletes and actors are expected to have that look, whether it is functional for their sport or not. What is worse is that more and more teens and pre-teens are being put into the weight room to train for sports before their adolescent bones have calcified. Often frustrated at their perceived lack of progress they turn to steroids or other pharmaceuticals for the edge, causing even more damage to their bodies.

Enter Powerflex. A modernized version of the Charles Atlas "Dynamic Tension" routine, this book incorporates the natural movements of animals in a program that combines isotonic and dynamic resistance exericse with deep breathing, bending and twisting. This program is excellent for the young athlete trying to build coordination, balance, stamina, speed and strength. It is modelled by the author's sons who have built athletic "real world" physiques that would turn heads on a beach or carry their owner to victory on the playing field. This program is also excellent for the older athlete or adult who is trying to lose weight or who is tryng to recapture the agility and vigour of youth.

I must say though, if you're looking for the body build of a heavy weightlifter or a steroid inflated bodybuilder, this book is not for you. However, if you are interested in a functional, athletic build without joint pain and injury, I highly recommend this book.

Peter Hagen
Peter Hagen "Fitness enthusiast" wrote...
"Excellent work"
Nov 16 2005
The author and publisher have put together a wonderful book on training your body in the safest way possible. There are numerous pictures and analogies for every exercise, plus ...
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... concise workouts with three skill levels given. If you are just getting into fitness or would like to develop your body in a way that requires less time than the drive to the gym (I timed myself!) this is definitely the way to go. The author has proven his system works; he and his two sons are living proof. I have now bought two books from this publisher, and the quality is top notch. I cannot say enough good things about this program and the book overall. It also includes programs for speed and endurance, in addition to strength. It would be the first book I'd buy a young person (or any person)just getting into fitness, and an excellent addition to any library.

strength builder
strength builder wrote...
"The ultimate mind/body exercises program"
Nov 09 2005
Your body is the only gym that you need and and the internal force of your mind applying virtual resistance is all that you need to develop it. No equipment or exercise ...
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... machines are required and you can practice the exercises anywhere and anytime without any change to your everyday life.

By using the "mind muscle connection" as taught in the book you are not just using your mind force to develop your body, but you are also strengthing your mind.

When the exercises are performed in front of a mirror using positve visualizations and affirmations the results can be outstanding. It is the ultimate in applied positive thinking to develop both body and mind.

This program will change your life for the better in ways that you can't even imagine.

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