Pushing Yourself to Power

Pushing Yourself to Power

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Based on the most effective and comprehensive strength and fitness system ever taught, Pushing Yourself to Power provides you with everything you need to achieve your natural, God-given strength and fitness potential. Whether you simply desire to slim down and shape up, or your ultimate goal is to build your maximum, all-around functional strength, athletic fitness, and natural muscularity, Pushing Yourself to Power offers complete training strategies specifically tailored to your goals.

Author and internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach John e. Peterson shows you how to use the world’s oldest, most reliable, and effective strength-training exercises to create the superior physique, strength, stamina, and power you’ve always dreamed of having.

Whether you’re a beginner or a world-class athlete, you’ll find complete training strategies to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. Precisely illustrated with hundreds of detailed photos, you’ll see clearly how to perform every exercise in all its variations.

If you’re looking for a complete exercise system that will give you the results you’ve always dreamed of, does not require a gym or expensive exercise equipment, and can be done anytime and anyplace—Pushing Yourself to Power is for you!

About John e. Peterson:

JOHN PETERSON, internationally renowned strength and fitness coach and creator of the Transformetrics™ Training System, knows the painful reality of struggling to overcome physical adversity. At the age of four John was a victim of the dreaded disease polio, which left him with horribly misshapen legs that doctors were forced to break and reset—all without anesthesia for the ...

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John E. Irwin
John E. Irwin "John Q. Public" wrote...
"A good adjunct"
Sep 16 2005
A good system but it does not replace working out with weights. It is, however, a good adjunct to weight training. I'm sure others disagree as Mr. Peterson enjoys quite ...
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... a cult following. I would take their embellishments with a grain of salt.

There is also Christian tone to the text which is somewhat annoying in Pat Robertson kind of way. But he doesn't suggest that you should assasinate any foreign leaders...just a few banal bible verses.

Timothy A. Owen
Timothy A. Owen "Ranger 2000" wrote...
"Great Book!!"
Sep 08 2005
I wasn't sure what I was getting into but I was very plesently surprised with Peterson's book. I really feel great when I finish a few of these unusual exercises. I really like ...
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... the "Dynamic Virtual Resistence" exercises. I had actually been doing stuff like that some on my own for years and always felt it was helpful. I don't think someone can become "Mr. America" with the programs in this book but that can be a part of a good well-rounded home fitness program.

S. Walton
S. Walton wrote...
"Well written, well organized, easy to understand and implement"
Sep 07 2005
Top notch book for any of you wanting to get in shape using bodyweight and dyanamic visualized resistance exercises (DVR). The book is organized well and the author lays out a ...
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... solid plan of implementing an exercise regimen. All aspects of physical fitness are covered: strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, appearance, nutrition.

For those of you considering this book versus his other book, "The Miracle Seven", I would call this book the "unabridged, guy version" of that book. It has more detail and more exercises and seems to be geared towards men.

I've been on his exercise/diet plan for over a month and have found it to be the fastest/easiest workout with the best results of any other exercise program I've tried.

Most of what you will find in Matt Furey's, combat conditioning book is in this book. I like the structure and overall layout of this book much better (as well as the price). Furey's book is still good though.

Bob Rosenberg
Bob Rosenberg wrote...
"New Perspective on Ancient Exercises"
Aug 26 2005
Very good inspiring book. I have John McSweeney's book "Battleaxe" and his original video set that shows "Tiger Moves". I have never been too inspired to do them until I saw ...
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... them from John Peterson's perspective. I started to do them along with Hindu Squats and Hindu Pushups. I still do negative dips and chins (bodyweight plus weight added) and slow, heavy leg presses as part of my overall training which also includes martial arts. The Hindu Squats, Hindu Pushups and DVR program have boosted my cardio fitness and help me with recovery time of the weighted negative dips/chins and leg press. I also bought "The Miracle Seven" and preordered John's "Ultimate Isometric Power Challenge". I highly recommend these books as the sole or main component of your strength training and fitness regimens.

John Marland
John Marland "Dan-o-" wrote...
"The exercises are effective."
Aug 16 2005
I have been doing the exercises in the book for about a month now. I have increased my definition and bulk. I can do more push ups and squats than I could previously. I do this ...
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... program with my wife. She has also enjoyed good progress.

The author is a devout Christian and is very open about that. His motivational talk references his faith.

You will need to read the book. There are many pictures, but it is necessary to read the accompanying text.

The diet section is sound. He emphasizes natural foods and smaller portions. He also endorses proportions similar to the food pyramid.

The author is critical of weight training. If you like lifting weights, you may find this annoying.

The author credits his heroes throughout the book. Some of these references (particularly those to Matt Furey) sound like advertisements.

Bottom Line: These are excellent exercises. You can get a great workout without using any equipment. The Author's writing style and opinions can inspire and offend. (Or you can ignore them and focus on the exercises.) That all depends on the reader.

One word of advice: I took my copy to Kinkos to have it spiral bound. That made it much easier to follow when working out.

Luke Barrett
Luke Barrett wrote...
"A Life Changing Book"
Aug 15 2005
I am a 25 year old high school teacher. I was out of shape, flabby and didn't have muscle definition. In August of 2004 I decided to start searching for an excersice/health ...
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... program. I looked at local health clubs where prices were around $30 per month. I was almost ready to commit to one when I came across an advertisement for Matt Furey's exercise program on a news web site. After checking into it and researching it, I found internet message boards comparing Matt Furey's program to John Peterson's and that John's "Pushing Yourself to Power" was more thorough and had better pictures. I settled on John's book and figured that for the cost of a gym membership, I'd try his book for one month. I'm glad I did. It's been one year now and I have lost 10 pounds, but that doesn't include the muscle definition I've gained. My body fat has significantly decreased. I've lost 4 pant sizes. I am lean and have well developed muscle definition since being on his program and only using self resistance, visualized resistance and bodyweight exercises.

Since my results have been so great, I decided last spring to push a high school physical fitness and health class to my administration. This fall, I am going to be teaching that class to high schoolers. And of course "Pushing Yourself to Power" and John's other book "Miracle Seven" will both be used. Another book by Bronze Bow Publishing Company called "Super Health" is one that I will be incorporating into my health and fitness curriculum. I'm really excited about getting my high schoolers on a health and fitness education program. I've been privileged to have been talking with Mr. Peterson on a personal level about this new class. Thanks!

J. Fauver
J. Fauver wrote...
"Pushed me to more power!"
Aug 06 2005
I've been a middle school PE teacher and coach for almost 20 years now and have read many exercise and fitness books over the years. "Pushing Yourself To Power" is one of the ...
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... best strength training and fitness books I've ever seen. It is without a doubt the best bodyweight conditioning book available. It is a virtual encyclopedia of body weight exercises and strength training methods for every body part. I reference it constantly not only for my personal training but for my middle school students as well. One thing that I love about it is no equipment necessary, you are your own gym. If you are a PE teacher like I am, and don't have access to a weight room this book is loaded with exercises that will strengthen and shape your students. In fact if I had a weight room for my students, I doubt if I'd use it after what I've personally acheived and learned from the pages of John Peterson's book. I've personally been training with the "Transformetics" training program in this book now for about a year. I've lost about 15 lbs., more than doubled my push-up and pull-up numbers, and toned and shaped my body. These exercises are addicting and they work! You'll never be bored with the same routine because there are so many exercises listed for each body part that you can always try something new if you wish to change your workouts. The thing that is neat about this for students is that it teaches them lifelong fitness habits and exercises they can do for the rest of their lives. They will never have to worry about not being able to afford their own gym membership or having to buy the latest exercise machine, their body is their machine, their own gym.
"Pushing Yourself to Power" is loaded with easy to understand directions for each exercise, and photograghs of virtually every exercise as well. It also contains great nutritional information and spiritual information. It contains isometric exercises, isotonics, joint mobility and flexibility, and aerobic exercises. It's time tested training and also cutting edge at the same time. It not only will change your body but your outlook on strength training and conditioning as well. I highly recommend it for a personal training manual and I highly recommend that if you are a PE teacher or coach you read this book! You'll want to find ways to incorporate these exercises into your PE curriculum as I have.

Jeff Fauver,Fillmore,CA

Oversized wrote...
"Good Basic Book"
Aug 04 2005
Men, I've purchased PYTP and have spoken to Peterson a number of times. Must say that the book's a pretty good basic book on Atlas methods and Cals. DVR's are a joke really.The ...
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... forum has some really great members but I must say that they blindly follow Peterson. You'll get good results from following the exercises but I won't trust the man one bit.

Brian Marks
Brian Marks wrote...
"I love it!"
Aug 02 2005
I have been doing workouts designed from this book. The pictures and directions are clear. I have lost 15lbs in a month.
MBA in finance
MBA in finance wrote...
"Truly a must have"
Jul 31 2005
I ordered this book because I like to travel, AND I don't like having a huge weight bench in my basement that costs well over $100 and is a pain because I can only use it when ...
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... I'm at home. I absolutely love this book and couldn't possibly endorse it enough. The techniques are truly effective and its easy to read (I suggest getting the spiral bound version if possible as its easier to use while you're doing the exercises). For those who do order it and are curious how it compares to Atlas' book (which I subsequently ordered) Atlas book is much harder to understand and use. The pictures are not nearly as clear and PYTP adds a lot that Atlas never had. This book is well worth the money. Also, check out Bronze Bow Publishing's website, there is a .gif showing how to do a couple of the exercises (especially the shoulder roll) that is an added help.

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