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Pushing Yourself to Power

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Based on the most effective and comprehensive strength and fitness system ever taught, Pushing Yourself to Power provides you with everything you need to achieve your natural, God-given strength and fitness potential. Whether you simply desire to slim down and shape up, or your ultimate goal is to build your maximum, all-around functional strength, athletic fitness, and natural muscularity, Pushing Yourself to Power offers complete training strategies specifically tailored to your goals.

Author and internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach John e. Peterson shows you how to use the world’s oldest, most reliable, and effective strength-training exercises to create the superior physique, strength, stamina, and power you’ve always dreamed of having.

Whether you’re a beginner or a world-class athlete, you’ll find complete training strategies to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. Precisely illustrated with hundreds of detailed photos, you’ll see clearly how to perform every exercise in all its variations.

If you’re looking for a complete exercise system that will give you the results you’ve always dreamed of, does not require a gym or expensive exercise equipment, and can be done anytime and anyplace—Pushing Yourself to Power is for you!

About John e. Peterson:

JOHN PETERSON, internationally renowned strength and fitness coach and creator of the Transformetrics™ Training System, knows the painful reality of struggling to overcome physical adversity. At the age of four John was a victim of the dreaded disease polio, which left him with horribly misshapen legs that doctors were forced to break and reset—all without anesthesia for the ...

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Kong2 "Lou" wrote...
"a treasure chest of valuable information!!!!"
Jun 23 2005
A couple of months ago I was given Pushing Yourself To Powewr as a gift and what a gift it has turned out to be!!This book is packed full with tons of exercises for each body ...
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... part.For someone like me who is disabled with a lot of medical problems and can no longer lift weights this book has been a Godsend. I have tried free weights, every workout machine from soloflex to bowflex etc, health clubs ,you name it, Ive tried it. Ive had to quit all of that because of a bone disease I have. Within 2 weeks of doing the pushing yourself to power workout I started seeing visible results. I also started feeling better about myself. This was important to me because living in pain constantly I was just about to give up on everything. I can do these exercises and feel no pain whatsoever. The results are amazing. By the way I have also had 20 surgeries from head to toe literally. I also have severe obstructive sleep apnea. I used to be so tired during the day I would fall asleep every during the day. Since I started doing this workout I have more energy and dont fall asleep during the day anymore. Now lets talk about customer service. There are a lot of people out there selling fitness books that make a lot of promises but dont deliver what they promise. Once youve bought their product they dont have any time for you if you have any questions. Not so with Mr. Peterson. Both Mr. Peterson and Wendie Pett always have time for their customers and are more than willing to answer any questions you might have. They deliver on their promise and back it up with excellent customer service. They also have an awesome forum that is extremely friendly and very helpful with any questions anyone might have. I cant say enough about Mr. Peterson and his books. They are the real deal and deliver real results not a bunch of empty promises. Take it from me, the best thing you can do for yourself is get a copy of Pushing Yourself To Power. You will be amazed at the results you will see in a short amount of time. If it can transform a broken down body like mine, just think what it can do for you. Sincerely, Lou (kong2).

Amanda Jarvis
Amanda Jarvis wrote...
"Awesome Book!"
Jun 14 2005
This is a great book! I thought I'd be lifting weights forever. After every weight lifing session there would be some joint somewhere that would hurt! I was lifting pretty ...
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... heavy weights and didn't think anything would convince me otherwise. After reading this book, and doing the exercises I've completely changed my mind. The exercises are simple, and can be done anywhere which is a huge plus. What actually surprised me is how challenging lots of these exercises are. You can make the harder, or easier, depending on what you want for the day. Which is what I love. There are even a few muscles that I've "toned" that I'd been having trouble with in the last 3 weeks alone. I've even lost weight! Something I haven't done in a long time!

Samir Hussain
Samir Hussain wrote...
Apr 18 2005
I'm only 18 and I've gone through a lot with different fitness plans and stuff. I used to be this fat obese kid with no life, and found running to be my way out. Anywho, once i ...
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... learned that strength was an important part of fitness and health i took to it with a vengeance, learning as much as i could about nutrition and technique, I even bought the home workout bible by mike meija. After only 3 months of lifting, and just 17 years old, my physique had only slightly improved, and my strength still seemed to me be average. Plus, even though I was only doing 145 pounds on benches, and 200 on squats, my knees and back were already giving me a hell of a time.

It was then that I learned about Matt Furey. An man who had amazing strength, flexibility and character. So I ordered his combat conditioning book. I was skeptical and only half heartedly took to it, yet I did feel a lot better by doing hindu puhsups, squats and bridges. But the book was all about strength and health... yay thats exactly what i wanted, but I wanted a good-looking physique too.

So i went onto some more research, decided to look up more things. I found out about Charles Atlas, Joseph Sandow and all those other old guys who were strong as heck yet still looked amazing. Then I came across John Peterson. I can tell you that the first time I saw his picture, it was of him doing a pullup. HE DID NOT LOOK 50 LOL! The guy is amazing... he is as inspiring as my father, as strong as anything and looks amazing too. I bought the book at once, decided to go at it, left the weights. I can tell you, In 3 months, I can now see my abs, I have definition all over, and i since I test myself monthly with weights, I can say that my bench has gone from 145 to 170, biceps from 20 to 35 and i can now do 5 pullups instead of none.

If you're looking for good health/good read/super strength/good looks/flexibility/extreme conditioning... trust me go for this book. You can't fail on the wisdom of this man.

John W. Matarazzo
John W. Matarazzo wrote...
"The absolute best book on exercise ever written"
Apr 13 2005
There are many authors of exercise books and courses, but few actually DO the exercises and routines they suggest. John Peterson is a walking testament to the methods he ...
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... teaches in this book. The exercises and advice in this book will get you to that ideal physique, without leaving your home, without spending thousands of dollars on equipment, and without the dangers of injury as in many other methods. I have collected many books and course throughout the years. THIS is the one I USE!

Jack Clark
Jack Clark "soldier for christ" wrote...
"five stars more like ten stars"
Apr 02 2005
As a former busted up weightlifter,I started this program 3 weeks ago.At 41 I could no longer handle the strain and pain of heavy weights anymore,my joints and ligaments were ...
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... screaming and i had hit a plateau that almost made me give up on exercise.Then I found"pushing yourself to power"and I am rejuvenated.I have made more progress,feel better,have more energy and am in love with fitness once again.there is not enough space here to give proper praise to this book and his "miracle seven" follow up.buy this and experience it for yourself,you will not be sorry. Also the website Bronzebowpublishing.com has a great forum with wonderful and informative members.

lafnjack "lafnjack" wrote...
"What a FANTASTIC book"
Mar 12 2005
Kudos to John Peterson. He's created a fantastic tome that describes how to achieve a GREAT physique without using weights. He has a variety of bodyweight/isometric exercises ...
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... that he utilizes that hits the same muscle groups from multiple angles to really strengthen that area with functional ability as well as impressive size. Even more importantly, there are a range of exercises available that can be done anywhere. I practice alot of his exercises in my car at stop lights, at my desk at work, waiting for people, and no one's the wiser. Furthermore not only is his book thorough, but the pictures he has shows the necessary range of motion to really ensure you're doing them properly. There's not a lot of books I give 5 stars to. This one's earned them, and then some! Its the biggest bang for the buck I've seen in a long time.

Kawakami wrote...
"Ok, but not great."
Mar 08 2005
Update- I figured that I'd update this review since I spent a lot of time over the past two years completely re-doing my workout routine. I noticed that if you look up ...
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... almost ANY fitness book on Amazon, they all get rave reviews. People who do Olympic lifting say it's the best, people who do PYTP says it's the best, people who to high intensity training say it's the best. This made me think that regardless of your preferred method, exercise works. And the method you enjoy most is the one that you will stick to and get the best results from.

(Interestingly, I just found a Men's Health Magazine article where they tested this exact theory using aerobics, weight lifting, and yoga. They found that there was no relationship between a person's fitness and which of the three methods they used. The only significant factor was whether they enjoyed what they did. So a guy who did yoga and enjoyed it was stronger than a guy who lifted weights but didn't enjoy it. Interesting.)

So, I revisited PYTP, tested a variety of methods, and logged which worked best for me.

What I found supported my earlier conclusion. Doing 100 push ups was pretty much the same as doing 100 reps on the bench press with equivalent weight. The same thing happened with chin-ups and the rest of the exercises. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how pressing 125 lbs of body weight was supposed to be better or less risky than pressing 125 lbs of weight plates.

The only benefit I could find was that I could do the muscle flexing exercises any time and anyplace, if I so chose.

So I'll summarize by repeating my previous review: this is a great book if you think that you will enjoy body weight and isometric exercises. However if you already know these exercises, then the book will not provide you with any new information.

*Btw, in case you are interested, the method of exercising that worked best for me was Olympic drills. I lost more fat and gained more strength than any other method by far. After experimenting with various combinations, I pared my workout routine down to only cardio, sit ups, and 6 strength exercises with light to moderate weight (high pull, push press, squat, dip, pull up, and dead lift).

Original Review-
This book is essentially the same as any other beginner's guide to fitness. The only difference is that it teaches isometric exercises (i.e. flexing your muscles really hard until they are fatigued) and bodyweight exercises rather than weight lifting exercises.

If you don't like using weights, and you don't know how to do exercises such as push ups or chin ups, then this book may be for you. The exercises are explained well, and the author seems like a very genuine and likable person.

If you already know how to do calisthenics (like I do) and how to flex your muscles really hard (like I do) then you'll probably end up returning the book (like I did). It's not that the book was bad, it just wasn't useful for me.

I've done both weight training and calisthenics training over the years, and I don't think that either is necessarily better than the other. Just do the regimen that your body responds to the best and that you enjoy the most, and you will see great results.

John Tenney
John Tenney "rhino_10e" wrote...
"A great supplemental book."
Dec 13 2004
All of the techniques presented in PYTP, I feel, are supplementals great for doing if you have some free time throughout the day, that is, as long as nobody is ...
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... watching.

If you want a Peterson book _The Miracle Seven_ is all you need and cheaper. It covers what's in _PYTP_ and provides daily routines as well, as nice additions to your main workout.

Peterson suggests that the most beneficial exercises are the Hindu pushup, Hindu squat, Atlas pushup and power calisthenics. All these exercises are given in greater detail in other books.

Peterson's books consist of Isometric, Isotonic, joint mobility and flexibility while he also talks about Matt Furey's bridge, pushup and squat. He basically suggests you use Furey's exercises, leading me to believe I should also buy books from Furey. It's also suggested that you get in plenty of cardio. Personally I find Ross Enamait's web site and products to be all that is needed for total body fitness.

I'll be using many, if not all, of these supplemental techniques throughout the day, but more likely at night after the kids are in bed when I can get some privacy. While these movements would make me feel silly if I were actually seen doing them, I can see how they will benefit my daily workout so I will try take the time to incorporate them into my routine.

The meat and potatoes of my daily workout will be done in the morning. There will be heaping piles of Furey (Hindu) push-ups, Furey (Hindu) squats, Atlas push-ups, Bridging, dips and an assortment of pull-ups. Sadly this book doesn't get into the (Furey) meat and potatoes that I was looking for, only touching them briefly and providing no routines.

John Peterson does however represent something more than an exercises guru. He does make a fantastic mentor, a man's man, and one I'm please to call a roll model for myself. I greatly enjoy his honor and dedication to his spirituality (which is not the same as mine)

E. Dahlberg
E. Dahlberg "jack of all trades master of some" wrote...
"Very impressed"
Dec 12 2004
I have been looking for a book like this for years. I basically just wanted to lose some fat and put on some muscle without sending all my money to a local fitness center.
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... /> This book is absolutely great. I have been training sporadically for about two weeks. I rarely even complete 45 minutes a day and yet I (and my wife) have noticed great improvement. My chest, shoulders and arms are becoming much stronger and defined. My waist still has some extra padding, but I haven't really gotten to that part of the book yet :)
The exercises are very effective and I actually enjoy them (something I have never been able to say before). I don't mind the occasional Biblical reference, the pictures are usually quite clear and it is a great value.
The one part of the book I am unsure about is the Nutrition section. I haven't tried this books recommendations, so I am unable to say if it works. However, in the past I have tried similar dietary guidelines and gained weight. Low carb works for me, so I'm not following the PYTP nutrition guide.
A truly body changing/life changing book.

Pete "Pete" wrote...
"Just what I needed"
Dec 07 2004
I bought this book based on a friend's recommendation about four months ago. Up until very recently, I had been treated for sciatic nerve pain off and on for almost ten years. ...
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... It wasn't until I read this book that I understood anything about the compression and joint trauma I was causing myself by using the methods of training I had been following for so long. I started out by performing the deep breathing and joint mobility exercises of Chapter One for the first few weeks and noticed a marked improvement with my sciatic condition then moved on to include Lessons 2 and 3 which focuses on nutrition and Twelve Dynamic Visualized Resistance exercises that strengthen and sculpt the entire body without causing compression.

My results have been more than pleasing. My body is stronger and visually more muscular than it's been in years. More important to me, for the first time in more than a decade I have none of the sciatic pain shooting down my leg or waking me up at night. I am not saying that it is all the result of following Mr. Peterson's methods exclusively because in addition to following his program, I have also followed the advice he gave to another person on his exercise forum and that was to obtain the services of a qualified chiropractor who deals with athletes and sports related injuries. Even though it was meant for another person, I followed his advice.

Up to this point I have not tried a single one of Mr. Peterson's routines for sculpting individual body parts, yet based on my friend's results I have not the slightest doubt that those routines will work very well. At present I'm so pleased with the results I have already had that I just haven't gotten around to the other exercises yet. So based on my personal experience, I can say that this book has been a worthy investment in my health and strength and a much better outlook for the future than I have had in some time.

Peter Lindell
Atlanta, GA

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