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Pushing Yourself to Power

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Based on the most effective and comprehensive strength and fitness system ever taught, Pushing Yourself to Power provides you with everything you need to achieve your natural, God-given strength and fitness potential. Whether you simply desire to slim down and shape up, or your ultimate goal is to build your maximum, all-around functional strength, athletic fitness, and natural muscularity, Pushing Yourself to Power offers complete training strategies specifically tailored to your goals.

Author and internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach John e. Peterson shows you how to use the world’s oldest, most reliable, and effective strength-training exercises to create the superior physique, strength, stamina, and power you’ve always dreamed of having.

Whether you’re a beginner or a world-class athlete, you’ll find complete training strategies to take you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. Precisely illustrated with hundreds of detailed photos, you’ll see clearly how to perform every exercise in all its variations.

If you’re looking for a complete exercise system that will give you the results you’ve always dreamed of, does not require a gym or expensive exercise equipment, and can be done anytime and anyplace—Pushing Yourself to Power is for you!

About John e. Peterson:

JOHN PETERSON, internationally renowned strength and fitness coach and creator of the Transformetrics™ Training System, knows the painful reality of struggling to overcome physical adversity. At the age of four John was a victim of the dreaded disease polio, which left him with horribly misshapen legs that doctors were forced to break and reset—all without anesthesia for the ...

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A Customer
A Customer wrote...
"A hard decision"
May 18 2004
The decision on buying this book was a hard one, partly from the price being quite high (especially converted to Australian dollars) and partly due to the hype flowing from ...
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... many of the other reviewers on the net and on Amazon. You do not have to be that old to quickly learn that many of the things in life that seem to good to be true are too good to be true.

As a potential purchaser of this book, I was initially very interested about the book but quickly put off due the number of reviews which just seemed so positive that they just had to be followers of the authors own cult and I'm not knocking these guys and girls it is just that there is quite a mad and biased adulation for many of the authors that publish these types of books that make people leap in blind faith towards them, regardless of the actual level of quality or basis (eg. Pavel)

I can't tell you the exact reason I ended up getting the book or why after feeling so negative about it I went ahead and purchased it. I also can not tell you that this book has changed my life or has made me do this or that as I have only just gotten the book and other than reading it, I have not tried everything out.

What I can tell you as a potential purchaser is that this book is one of the most clearly illustrated books that not only provides detailed explanations on why and how to do something in words but provides pictures that are so clear you could be watching the authors muscles flex while he shows you how to do them.

This book should be the template on how to make a book on exercises or fitness, there is no other book (and I've seen a lot of them) that comes close to providing the clarity necessary for you to carry out the exercises safely and correctly in your own home.

But this book will not be for everyone. You really need (as a potential purchaser) to decide that you want to undertake some sort of exercise routine, you also need to know that this exercise routine will be one that is based on bodyweight exercises and not pumping weights at a gym. If you can answer yes to both of those and you probably should be able to answer yes due to the benefits of exercise and the fact that you will not require expensive gym fees and can exercise at your own rate in you own home or any other place that you have a level of privacy suitable for your own feelings, then this may be the book for you.

All I can suggest if you are considering this book is to search around at some of the other books (the search inside this book feature is great) then decide if you want to pay for the quality and easy to follow nature of this book.

Just remember one final point. There is not one review (including mine) on Amazon that should mean anything to you, as the person who looks you in the mirror every morning is the only person who knows how successful any exercise, method or training routine is ever going to be. This book will provide tried and tested methods which have been for ages to achieve physical fitness but it is only you who is able control your own destiny and future potential. Do not be mistaken or mislead by this, if you are going to buy a book that is well rounded, informative and above all oozes quality then this book is head and shoulders above the rest in its class.

Neil D. Myers
Neil D. Myers wrote...
"The Most Effective And Safest Program Out There"
May 01 2004
Get this book TODAY! It will improve your health and fitness and save you a ton of money on over priced exercise equipment and high gym fees. John offers a fresh ...
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... presentation of well established health and fitness practices, that unfortunately have been mostly forgotten and have become "unfashionable". They work. His program works, and unlike many "exercise" programs, which are no more than fads designed to sell equipment, you can practice these knowing that you are not damaging your body.

I have seen the large number of people who have nagging injuries from "hitting the weights", both machine and free. I run a martial arts class and have seen how terribly stiff and immobile many gym rats are. I am recommending the program to all my students.

At 51, John not only looks great, but can perform many sets of excercises and movements that "fit' young folks, 30 years his junior, cannot. If that doesn't convince you to get the book (invest a little extra in the spiral bound version) than you might as well just open the chip pack, crack open a beer, turn on the TV and watch the "game".

Get the book and change your life.

T. Groce
T. Groce "cyberwhiz" wrote...
"Great Book!"
Apr 21 2004
Mr. Peterson does a great job of combining many of the exercises in the Charles Atlas course and Matt Furey's Combat Conditioning (giving credit to both). All the exercises are ...
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... demonstrated clearly with plenty of photographs. Exercises for every single body part are given. If I could reccommend just one exercise book this would be it.

"matt74k" wrote...
"the best of it's kind"
Apr 17 2004
In this book, John Peterson has basically created an undisputable system for exercising that will build natural strength, flexibiltiy, endurance, balance and coordination all ...
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... resulting in a super-fit physique. He's over 50 years old, strong as an ox, and has the kind of eye-pleasing build you never want to stand next to at the beach. He explains how his system originated from the early famous mail-order systems of Earle Liederman and Charles Atlas (both of whom entertained audiences in the 1920s with their feats of strength and muscular looks - all WITHOUT lifting weights) and how he has added extra elements and fined tuned his system to include many of the same teachings as the now legendary Matt Furey. Along with countless high-quality pictures showing artistic exercise sequences (John's career is originally in graphic arts publishing) he also provides information on nutrition, spiritual groundness, motivation and some inspiring stories of himself and his own fitness heroes.

I realize this may sound more like an editor's description than an honest review, but I am just a regular joe and I truly believe this book is the best in its breed. If you want to adopt an exercise system that will give you everything you want without the costs, inconveniences, and potential injuries associated with weight lifting - look no further. Personally, I've become acutely aware of the "fitness propoganda industry" that has really become corrupt in the last few decades. Muscle magazines promote exercise equipment and supplements as being necessary while the actual physical fitness science doesn't get published unless it somehow ties into a profit for someone. In John's case, he refreshingly points out these myths and basically spells it out: Save your money, here's the truth. He explains in great detail how to build superior athletic strength naturally without the need for gyms, personal trainers, supplements, or pricy equipment. The "Transformetrics" system is not a typical con-fad (like our well-polished late night infomercials) designed to manipulate desperate out-of-shape folks out of their $ but is built on what makes natural sense, what's been proven and what truly works in the longterm.

If you're still on the fence, check out the "Ask John Peterson" forum at bronzebowpublishing.com for yourself and read some real-time comments from those that have the book and have been using the system. One more piece of advice, because of the way parts of the book are designed - like a virtual instruction manual for certain exercises - you may want to invest an extra $4-5 on the spiral-bound edition found at this same website, this enables you to lay the book out flat while progressing through various exercise routines.

Alan R. Horner
Alan R. Horner wrote...
"Pushing Yourself to Power"
Mar 19 2004
I was an all-state athlete in high school, a varsity athlete in college, a Navy SEAL for five years and have continued to be very physical as an adult for the past 30 years. In ...
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... all that time I thought I had to "go somehwere" to workout. It never occurred to me that there might be a complete approach to maintaining strength and cardio-vascular fitness that simply involved my body and a small amount of space. John's book changed all that.

Over the past several weeks I have increased my strength, energy level, and conditioning level...without going "to the gym". John has freed me to reach new levels of health and vigor with no dependence on equipment or going to some location other than right where I am.

Thank you, John!!

The Maverick
The Maverick wrote...
"Masterfully written"
Mar 19 2004
I love this book! It has a multitude of exercises for each muscle group, with inspirational quotes and amusing anecdotes in between, plus some great nutritional ...
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... advice.

In less than a week I've noticed muscle development. It's amazing!

And to top it off, I sent him an email and he phoned me up to reply personally. Very few people would do that in this country, yet alone phone internationally.



It seems there are those who think this book is useless, and John Peterson is a charlatan. To those people, may I make the following statements.

1. This is John's first book. It makes sense that he would write a general fitness guide. I'm sure he will write an advanced book in the future.

2. John is an honest man. The claims he makes are not exaggerated. It is your closed-mindedness to another philosophy of exercise that is the problem.

3. While it is a general, all-around guide, there are still many exercises that are quite advanced, shown in the back of the book - e.g. extended range handstand pushups, one legged squats, elevated Atlas pushups (try doing 200 of them) etc.

4. John is a very fit man, capable of doing advanced exercises. I'm sure he would be willing to explain some for you if you contact him, which is easy to do as he will talk to just about anybody. You can also ask on the Bronze Bow Publishing forum.

5. John is against MINDLESS weightlifting i.e. constantly pushing for higher poundage, training to failure etc. I doubt he thinks all weightlifting is bad. It's just a matter of choice. It's not for everyone - if you don't like Transformetrics, try something else. There are plenty of other people who find this training extremely effective.

K. O. Korthaus
K. O. Korthaus "K" wrote...
"How can anyone say something bad about this book???"
Mar 18 2004
What do u want guys ???? John Peterson reinventing the wheel ??? None of the other bodyweight gurus out there will give u so much for such a good price.
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... /> I agree that Ross Enamait is in the same league of Peterson yet
has a different focus. He focuses on combat athletes.

What Peterson does is address the average guy who is confused about getting in shape and what it takes to do that.
Instead of selling him overpriced gadgets like the pavelizer or anything else in the 250+ dollar range Peterson's message is simple and clear, all it takes is u and your will to do it. Period. Also John spices up the text with perosnal anecdotes and experiences that make it fun to read, and I cannot see where he is glorifying himself. This book covers the most fundamental exercises to get strong, lean and powerful, ranging from bodyweight resistance to old Atlas and Liedermann Muscle against Muscle type of training. And this book cuts through the nonsense out there of steroids, Bodybuilding gadgets, supplements (how I DESPISE THEM!) and Musclemag hype.
The only thing I would have liked to see is a bigger chapter on nutrition for fat loss. Although it gets covered quiet sufficiently in the book. But if u are looking for a book that shows u a workout to get u into some REAL excellent shape using ONLY your own body (pull ups are optional) then buy this book and never even think about reading BB Magazines and their filthy marketing schemes again

A Customer
A Customer wrote...
"Pretty good, but a bit overhyped...."
Mar 18 2004
Peterson's book is a fairly comprehensive compilation of what he calls DVR (and what others call VRT), self-resistance, and bodyweight exercises. Here you can have them in one ...
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... place instead of looking around the internet or other books to find them.

However, Wong's book Dynamic Strength is just about as comprehensive and costs a fraction of the price. The two books vary in some ways regarding the exercises they show, but Wong's book also shows many different DVR (VRT), self resistence and bodyweight exercises. Wong actually does a better job in my opinion as far as giving instruction on how to do the VRT exercises.

For bodyweight exercises the premier book in my mind is Ross Enamait's book. It is far more comprehensive in that regard than Peterson. It contains programs for building strength, speed, power, balance, and conditioning and gives very detailed advice on how to set up programs. It does not contain DVR or DSR exercises, but contains a huge number of bodyweight exercises, and long duration isometric exercises.

Enamait's book is geared more towards athletes, but anyone would benefit from it. I believe that you have more variety in Enamait's programs than in Petersons. I also think Enamait's book is better for people who are looking to lose a bunch of weight.

Petersons book is more of a bodybuilding book, so the focus is somewhat different than Enamait's book. Both authors are available on their message boards to discuss things, and are very helpful in that regard, and both have a very positive outlook. They feel strongly that anybody willing to put in the work will make themselves better. The positive tone of the book is great.

I think the best idea in Petersons book is doing exercises throughout the day. I think that is really the strongest point of the book. You can do sets of bodyweight exercises, DVR and DSR exercises when you have some free time, in whatever clothes you happen to be wearing, and over the course of a week you can build up a good amount of exercise. And then when you have time to do a more concentrated work out you can do that too.

You will not probably not look like John Peterson, Woody Strode, Hershel Walker, Charles Atlas, Earl Liedermann etc. from doing these exercises. Most people will not attain that level of muscular size from a program like this. Those guys all have excellent genetics which most people do not have. So, the amount of muscle mass you will gain from these exercises is going to be limited.

If you wish to gain a lot of muscle mass, you will probably need to lift weights or use a cable set. In fact, Liederman did lots of cable work and weightlifting in his own program. He did NOT build his own body doing only bodyweight exercises, so using him as an example of what can be attained with bodyweight exercises is misleading.

The same goes for Charles Atlas. Atlas admitted to lifting weights for three hours a week. His build was not the result of bodyweight exercises and "Dynamic Tension" although he may have given up weight training later on in life.

Charles Atlas also did not invent his exercise system; he only marketed it. The whole story about him going to the zoo and inventing the Dynamic Tension sytem from watching the animals there was completely phony and just a marketing tool. I would be surprised if Peterson does not know this, and yet he repeats the whole story in his book as a tribute to Atlas, and what bodyweight training can do for you.

My main frustration with the book stems from Peterson's fear of weightlifting, which overall is a safe way to build strength and muscle mass, and from his belief that bodyweight exercise builds as much muscle as weight training does.

To believe that, you would have to believe that everybody lifting weights is misguided, and ignorant. There's a reason why high school, college and pro athletes lift weights. There's a reason why bodybuilders lift weights. It's because it's a good way to get bigger and stronger. If DVR and push ups were as good, athletes and bodybuilders would stop lifting weights and do them instead.

The book is also redundant and repeats the same exercises over and over again. And it also lists certain exercises in the wrong section of the book, and show a back exercises in the chest section etc. It calls one exercise that is a DSR exercise a DVR exercise. It doesn't show a picture of one of the DVR exercises.

There's also inconsistency between the book and what Peterson says on his message board. He states in the book that DVR exercises are great mass builders, but says on his message board that the push ups will build a lot more muscle than the DVRs. In the book he says to do as many Hindu pushups everyday as you can, and on the website says not to do this, to only do high rep push ups for a few weeks at a time. So, it leaves me a bit puzzled as to what Peterson really thinks.

Arctic Jeepn
Arctic Jeepn wrote...
"Must buy"
Mar 13 2004
Excellent book. I've read most of the bodyweight exercise books and John's is almost perfection. You could use his routines for years without becoming bored and experience ...
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... great gains. This is a must for getting fit on the road as no gym is needed so this works great for the traveler/military.

Again a must buy if your serious about being in the best functional shape you could be..

Jon wrote...
"Simply the Best, BUY THIS BOOK!!"
Mar 12 2004
Having discovered John's book about 5 months ago I have made incredible fitness gains. What a great book written by a great guy. John is the heir apparant to Charles Atlas, and ...
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... Mr. Leiderman.

If your serious about becoming physically fit don't hesitate to pick up John's book, you won't be dissapointed!! The ideas are straightforward and the excercises make perfect sense. You'll discover how you can attain your fitness goals without the need for any equipment.

Prior to picking up PYTP I had been working out quite often with the routines that Mark Delisle has set forth in his book. Another good recommendation. However, the difference in the amount information between John's and Marks is staggering. John put's it all together.

Since picking up Johns book and adopting the workout techniques I have since trimmed down my body fat significanlty as well as having to throw out quite a few shirts due to the increase in overall size.

"Happily and rapidly Achieving my fitness goals with PYTP"

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